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    Escapist News Now: Free Titanfall in Xbox One Bundle

    So... If I had just waited 3 months and not been a supporter of their currently under selling system, I could have gotten my console and a free game? I'm getting it for PC anyway, but I can imagine the people that are in my shoes without a gaming PC are going to be pretty miffed that they...
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    Aleens: Coloneeal Mareens

    Or success by actually being good. I enjoyed the writing and loot enough to keep me going.
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    Dead Space 3 Dev: The Last Thing We Think About is Money

    I like to remember a time when cheat codes were free.
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    Hitman: Substitution

    What got me was that the leader of security in that mansion didn't recognize me in the guard outfit, but all of hit underlings did. He's the leader, he should know his crew. If anything he's the one I HAVE to avoid. Everyone else might just assume I'm new. HE would know.
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    The Tough Business of Witchering Gets Cinematic

    Dandelion and Zoltan. Some of my favorite conversations are with Zoltan. I love the philosophy involved with those conversations.
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    Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Explodes Like a Blood Sausage

    $800,000 so far.... Wow!
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    State Legislature Attempts to Tax All Digital Downloads

    This money has nothing to do with the politician's bank accounts. They will pay themselves even if they have to bankrupt the state to do it. Taxes like this (and other ones that actually make sense) just allow for them to leave some/more for the rest of us.
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    "Hacker" Claims Responsibility For Taco Bell Vita Fiasco

    Andy, who said that last line? I want to say you are quoting someone else, but I can't find an original author.
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    How does a moderator determine a ban/probation/suspension?

    Why did you necro a 3 year old thread to make a bad complaint? I mean I checked your post history and the thread and you got banned for a day because you insulted most of the people on the forum by saying that most Escapist users are 10 year olds in your first sentence. There's a post there from...
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    How does a moderator determine a ban/probation/suspension?

    i got banned for having an opinion on one 0of the show's "hosts" on here i am still annoyed about it to be honest
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    Halo Film Loses Studios

    Did they not watch District 9? How could they not have confidence in this guy?
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    Han Solo Joins Ender's Game Cast

    I would have put Dennis Haysbert (All-State guy, President from the first few seasons of 24, Lambert from Splinter Cell) as Graff. When I read the books, I always pictured Lambert as Graff. I don't know why, he just really fit the role in my head. Still seems like a better fit than Ford, but I...
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    Stop Camping Your Girlfriend for Sex

    Last guy needs to move on. I had a girl that I find absolutely gorgeous do similar to me. When I was with my wife she seemed VERY into me. We even had a "first date" after I divorced. I was just hanging out with her at her house. We ate some fast food, watched a movie, and shared a $3...
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    RIAA Wins Appeal, Music Downloader Owes $675,000

    Won't work RIAA. Just won't work.
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    Rumor: Terminator Franchise Could Get a Star Trek-Style Reboot

    True, that is the message the first movie sent. Though, the war had to happen, simply because John Connor was born, or it all should have disappeared at the end of T2 with her working at that diner in the 80's and not hearing about Sarah Connor's death. Reason being is because Reese was sent...