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    Square Enix Unveils Gargantuan Final Fantasy Anniversary Box Set

    It's amazing to think that years back it seemed like we wouldn't get the classic FFs released overseas; and now we have the entire series avaiable in so many formats.
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    If you could change ONE thing about FFX?

    My thoughts exactly, they should make them pick-up items like the crests. Also another problem is where some of the collectables are. The Sun Crest for example is all too easy to miss and if you do, you have to fight one of the toughest Dark Aeons in the game to go back for it. Another Dark Aeon...
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    The most difficult boss you've RECENTLY defeated.

    I look forward to the day I can share in your joy. For now my most recent tough boss conquered would be Wargoyle from Kingdom Hearts 3D.
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    Do you drink coffee?

    I used to have coffee with milk a 3 teaspoons of sugar, but I lost my taste for that some time ago. Now I have tea with milk. Though I do like the occasional peppermint latte.
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    PSV Potential

    I had planned on getting a Vita at launch, but changed my mind and am waiting to see how future releases turn out. While I would still like one sometime, I'm thinking about what could make PSV stand out more from it's predecessor. For starters consider how vast the iOS app library is. PSV has...
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    What would nintendo need to have to get you buy a Wii U?

    First and foremost Nintendo need MORE ORIGINAL GAMES. They're relying on Mario, Metroid, etc far to much. As Yahtzee pointed out, the 3DS' launch line-up was nearly entirely remakes or ports. Also they should treat the controller as a seperate gaming device as well as a controller with...
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    Poll: your thoughts on the PS vita

    Aside from long-term anniuncements like FFX 10th Anniversary, and Persona 4: The Golden there doesn't appear to be any info on when post-launch games will show up. I'm waiting to se what comes out next before I consider getting a Vita.
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    The House of the Dead Infects PSN

    House of the Dead is one of my favourite Light-gun games. I'm definitely getting this, even if I don't get a PSMove first. Now if SEGA could release Virtua Cop 3, we'd be golden.
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    Poll: Kingdom Hearts 3 -Poll-

    Now you mention it, all the post-KH2 KH games have been pre or midquels. I look forward to KH3D continuing the story.
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    George Lucas is "Retiring" From Film

    George started Star Wars from Episode IV because he wanted better film technology for the subsequent prequels. Considering the original trilogy has been such a hit, and the restrictions the tech of the time, this opens the possibility that he was not as great a filmmaker as he believed himself...
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    Skyrim...have you cheated?

    I used a trick I found online to raise my smithing level (make lots of Leather Braces and Iron Daggers). That's about as close as I've got to cheating.
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    Skyrim DLC

    You could go into a painting in Oblivion, so maybe we could get a side-quest pack including a quest where you go into a book.
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    Memorable Anime Quotes

    The Sinnoh Team Rocket motto is my fave TR intro. Also this from Dragonball Z. "It's been so long since I felt pain. It's such a strange sensation." - Freiza
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    Toriver's Investigation: Sonic Generations

    After SEGA essentially spat in their creations face for the 15th anniversary, it's so satisfying to see the blue blur get a fitting tribute for his 20th.
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    STOP THE PRESSES: GTAV has been Announced

    Considering that their servers crashed when the first GTAIV trailer was released, Rockstar had better have strengthened things for this one. Also I'm hoping to see a return to the less gritty VC and SA style from the PS2-era GTA's.