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    8 Great Action Films from the 1980s

    Two Christmas films in that list, not bad, very seasonal. Mad Max 2 was made in 1981 you know. Don't tell me it isn't an action film, it is nothing but action. Plus you could have had two Vernon Wells films in your list with Commando.
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    Anyone know any good mystery games?

    He say you Braderunner. If someone has the cd-roms lying around my favorite detective game is the 1997 Bladerunner. Good luck finding that one though. I also have fond memories of the X-files game, you are probably boned there too, but I haven't checked out GOG yet. Let's see. In...
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    To those who pre-order games: why?

    I have only pre-ordered a couple of games, all were ordered immediately after a redundancy, when I thought I wanted those games, and I wasn't sure if I'd have the money when they actually launched. Turns out I did have the money, and also that I played those games into the ground. Worked for me...
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    Quirkiest PC Game You are Playing

    Botanicula. My kids are playing it taking turns with the mouse. It's pretty much a point and click adventure game, but very wistful and charming about some little plant creatures that live on a tree trying to plant a seed. Not too obscure, it was a big deal a while ago. Good for getting the hang...
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    Is it worth buying a PS4 if I have a good PC?

    No. Though occasionally devs lie about bringing games to PC like those dirty dirty liars Rockstar which only leads to frustration and disapointment. (Five years on and I am still bitter.) I am 40 and have been playing home video games over 30 years and I have never owned a console. However...
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    Homefront The Revolution Hands-on - Fulfilling the Promise of Guerrilla Warfare

    That sounds a lot like it might be taking a few cues from The Saboteur, and that is a good thing. Also, take it away Harry Dean Stanton. AVENGE ME BOYS! AVVVEEEENGE MEEEEE!
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    Warner Bros/Hasbro Teaming Up For New Dungeons & Dragons Movie

    Hey guys look a D&D themed rollercoaster, we should ride that one!
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    Watch Now: Suicide Squad Comic-Con 2015 Trailer

    The Wall is still too small, and about seven years too young, but like anyone is ever going to cast a mid fifties heavyset black woman in anything ever. Sigh. Deadshot has a moustache not a goatee, if your actor can't pull off a moustache then he is the wrong actor for the job. Tim Olyphant...
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    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Pitch Brought Chris Pratt To "Tears"

    Mamma Mia meets The Voyage Home? He likes you very much, but he is the hell not your Groot.
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    Welcome Back Commander: XCOM 2 Invades Your PC In November

    I know. I wanted a giant flying nautilus to wipe out my squad on a cruise ship... bloody Xarquids.
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    Mad Max Preview - Explosive Vehicle Combat

    Probably not the I76 successor I was hoping for. More's the pity.
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    Simon Pegg Told To Make Star Trek 3 Script "More Inclusive"

    Well well well, a western with Star Trek characters, so sort of like Wagon Train to the stars? Or even Hornblower in space, which is how the series turned out despite Roddenberry's initial pitch. Hell they even stole the music! Most of the Star Trek movies were pretty much character...
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    Next Planet of the Apes Movie Gets Most Surprising Name Ever

    Caesar, unless they are wilfully misspelling it in the films.
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    8 Games Every PC Gamer Should Have Played

    Yes for Nimoy. I like V but IV is Civ defined. I fooled you! I fooled you! I got all pig iron! I vote C&C over WC, or maybe even Dune II. Showing my age I know. Also yes to SS2.
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    Why Aren't There More Westerns?

    While the remake of 3.10 from Yuma did pretty good box office and the Coen brother's True Grit was exceptional I think you need to go back to 1992 when the Western was redefined yet again for a major impact on cinema.