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    Reviews: The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Character Creation Preview

    I kept clicking ahead trying to skip to the Khajiit and Argonion part. Looking forward to bringing my Argonion character to this as I do in every ES game.
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    If you could choose any name, who would you be right now?

    My own (swear to you) legal full name is 7 words long. And I'm not from a country or racial background where that is common or anything. I am a white male and grew up in the southern states, Mississippi and Alabama mostly. This kind of thing happens when you are born with one name buy the mother...
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    249: Hooking Up in Hyperspace

    Its nothing really like it, but the trouble with Star Ocean: Second Story is I got the same bad feel from this as I do from Chrono Cross. The idea of putting in all these choices, when it pretty much just seems like padding for the sake of saying, 'look at all these choices' instead of just...
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    Escape to the Movies: John Carter

    Side note: Isn't there a 'tougher' Disney princess to relate her to seeing as how, ya know, Mulan isn't technically a princess? It was always weird to me she got tossed into that group of characters. I'd fuss about Belle from Beauty and the Beast too but she's like my favorite female Disney...
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    Escape to the Movies: John Carter

    I look at it like a Nude Beach. When you have a place where everyone is naked, mostly you are going to see what you don't want to see. But then again if made into a movie EVERYONE would be too good looking and would just about come off as too unbelievably fake. Would be worth for the 3D then though.
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    The Big Picture: Broken Biz

    I'd watch Twinkie the Kid 3D before I'd watch Adam Sandler in Candyland.
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    Fox News Investigates Toddlers Playing Videogames

    That's it? I was expecting this to go the way of, 'Be careful what you play in front of your child. If they see you enjoying massive killings, breaking the law in games, or see you playing games with excessive violence and gore it would be like watching a graphic scary movie and your kid watches...
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    The Professor Oak Personality Index

    Let me see what fits me here. So, I'm a Water/Electric type as best I can figure. Can anyone list me some Water/Electric pokemon just for fun? I really don't know the series, haven't played since the original Blue version, and I can't stand the Anime or Movies so don't watch them...
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    Minecraft Dev Makes New Game, Minicraft, in 48 Hours

    You guys can talk about Notch and Minecraft all you want. I'll just focus on the new game. Lots of good stuff said there that pretty much covers it all. All I can add: He spent 48 hours making it. I spent 2 hours of playing it through 2 lives. I've no reason to ever pick it up again...
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    Skyrim Level cap

    Anteras, Female Argonion, Level 81, All Skills 100. File Save size = 19 MB And no I didn't use the glitch to reuse that mega skill book. I didn't know about it till after I did that quest.
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    Skyrim Patch 1.3 Fixes Dragons, Buffs, Books

    I'll be so glad when I can play the game again without worry about the issues ruining it. For me every time a dragon was anywhere around, as in, even super far in visual range doing its backwards flying, teleporting around, or just hovering in place, the game would suddenly turn super laggy with...
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    Games you didn't like... but finished anyway

    Final Fantasy XIII I really couldn't stand this game for so many reasons, all of which everyone has heard before so no reason for me to go on it again. But hey, saying I finished it is giving it some credit. I couldn't finish Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. That game was so...
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    Thief Attempts to Steal Xbox 360, Instigates Knife Fight, Loses

    There's a local one from where I lived where a robber broke into a home and... I don't know how... but some how injured himself in the kitchen by slipping and falling cutting himself with a kitchen knife. Sued the home owner because the house was unsafe and won the case.
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    My Issue with Dragon Shouts in Skyrim

    What is this "most" you talk about. Besides the 2 damage shouts and some shouts which work better on certain classes (hello, Marked for Death), most shouts don't actually lose any effectiveness. Jumping off cliffs at level 10 is the same as jumping off cliffs at level 50. My main character...
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    My Issue with Dragon Shouts in Skyrim

    I can't comment too much on Skyrim with my very limited experience of it so far, but I have EXTENSIVE experience with Bioshock and can safely, and correctly, say that you were playing it wrong. The most powerful weapon in that game, when used correctly, was the wrench. Seriously. You can...