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    Jeremy Renner Wants Hawkeye Series on Netflix

    Eh, looks like he's got two stand alone movies coming up in addition to his Marvel stuff and a Bourne sequel. He's fine. Edit: *looks at join date... looks at post count* My name is clearly perfect.
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    J.J. Abrams Addresses Lack of Rey in The Force Awakens Merchandise

    He still had his weapon, and as far as he was concerned at that point, the fight was already over. He was over confident and fucked up. That was sort of the entire point of his existence in the movie.
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    J.J. Abrams Addresses Lack of Rey in The Force Awakens Merchandise

    Uhhh, no. Do you always use your full strength when you pick something up if no one's opposing you for it? When you pick up a can of soda, does it crumple under the force of your grip because you go around constantly using your full strength for no reason? Kylo had absolutely no reason to...
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    First Fallout 4 Beta Patch to Release Next Week

    Or you could actually read the article and see where they pointed out that they do have a QA staff who worked hard to break the game but that as many as they have, it's never going to be enough to simulate the millions of ACTUAL players. But hey, that's not as fun as randomly bitching.
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    Update 20 Minutes of Fallout 4 Gameplay Footage Leaked

    Exactly. Every time I see something like this, I look somewhere else to see people that are actually happy about it, then come here just to see how much everyone is bitching about it. I swear this site is so damn negative about EVERYTHING.
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    What Does the Future Look Like for White Wolf?

    Bloodlines sequel. Please. Please. Please. I don't have a first born yet, but god damn it, I will make it happen and hand it over.
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    The First Full Length Trailer for Netflix's Jessica Jones Has Arrived

    The car she was in with her family hit a military truck carrying radioactive chemicals (of course). Her family died, she spent a few months in a coma, and when she woke up she had super strength, toughness, and flight. Her comic canon backstory intersects with Spider-Man, since she had a crush...
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    Marvel Announces Ant-Man Sequel, Three Other "Mystery" Films

    Jeeze, could this article have been written any more poorly and unprofessionally? It's pretty much an exercise in how NOT to report something. No, it really didn't need to be said. Especially not the way you said it. Because it wasn't a flop. It made 409 million worldwide off a budget...
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    Shenmue 3 Crowdfunding Reopens

    Funny how many people utterly fail to understand the concept of 'the base game is funded and will proceed, this is for extra stuff to make the game even better with a bunch of other things.' It's like if you decide to go out to dinner with ten people and estimate the cost as being about a...
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    Mod Support, More Frequent Updates May Come to Terraria

    Mod Support and More Frequent Updates Possibly in Store for Terraria There, fixed the title for you. ;)
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    The Flock Is A Horror Game With An Expiration Date

    Wow, this sounds... spectacularly stupid. I don't like games with NORMAL time limits, let alone one that will literally stop working eventually.
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    Company Ordered to Cancel Fantastic Four/X-Men Memorabilia

    Actually it's more like saying "Get off my property. No I don't have to explain why I want you off my property, just go away."
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    Report: Star Wars: Battlefront Will Launch This November

    Missed a word there between weeks and Call.
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    Spider-Gwen Preview Art Swings Online

    Wow, the negativity in this thread must make everyone involved super fun to be around.