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    Modern Warfare 3 - Opinion and Fixes

    uh, CoD is advertised as both. did you watch any live streams of the game? we weren't watching live streams of campaign. they streamed team deathmatch. Call of Duty fans (myself included) are basically going to buy the new game regardless of how much advertising they do for the multiplayer...
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    Poll: Looks like Skyrim has some competition for GOTY

    i'd like to see skyward sword win, just because I haven't really seen anything from Nintendo that has literally blown me away in a really long time. it would be cool to have that zelda magic back. ohbaby oh, and i'm also not a big fan of the elder scrolls. i tried getting into oblivion, but...
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    The Escapist ( in one sentence )

    I had forgotten about my account on The Escapist for some time, when one of my closest friends ( who is currently away for college ) hit me up on AIM. "hey dood, you should check out the escapist. it's some funny british guy doing videos." after the former escapist geek in me corrected him (...
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    Your GOTY

    well, i haven't played either yet, but i'm sure it'll be a toss-up between skyward sword and mw3. i don't care if they're casual or if skyward sword looks like garbage. i am pretty sure i'm gonna love the shit out of them.
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    Something I Don't Understand About These Types of Gamers.

    i don't know, it makes sense to me. have you ever gotten upset with someone and said something you didn't mean? it's just gamers expressing themselves.
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    Dating norms need to change

    hahaha, i couldn't help but be blunt. he's not making sweeping generalizations, he's being nauseatingly misogynistic. OP, i hope you understand that the motivation for rape crimes isn't usually a desire for the victim but a desire for control. did you happen to go as the FBI's profile for...
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    Dating norms need to change

    what the actual fuck. are you aware that you sound exactly like a rapist?
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    Poll: Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed?

    unless it is a quick, individual kiss, closed. what the fuck are you looking at when you're making out with someone? their ear?
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    Poll: Would you rather be single than date an unattractive person?

    uh, if i don't believe that someone is attractive, i am not attracted to them, so i do not date them. from your attitude, i am hypothesizing that you don't go on a whole lot of dates.
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    Is battlefield 3 any good?

    i enjoyed the infantry combat immensely, but read that the vehicle combat really messed up the multiplayer so i did not make a purchase of it.
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    Leaked Skyrim screenshots seem to confirm werewolves

    wow, that actually looks really cool. i'll be honest and say that i didn't like oblivion, because the bow mechanics just sucked so badly that i couldn't create the character that i wanted to create.
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    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

    "the controls are pretty bad and it's riddled with gameplay flaws. i will say nothing positive about the gameplay. buy a $300 dollar console to play it." uh...
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    The missing link!

    hold up. you mean to say that's NOT the real Adam Jensen? i'm not sure if i can deal with this right now...
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    Skyrim Arrested Development

    ... was that a joke?
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    Who would you turn gay for?

    james franco if i was drunk. no hesitation.