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    Things you need to know for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    I've only played Call of Pripyat, and I loved it. Now for some random tips: 1. Antirad drugs are useless because vodka exists. Sell them for a tidy profit. 2. The only food you need to keep is bread, especially later on when you can use medkits for healing whenever you want. 3. Don't...
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    Zero Punctuation: Two Worlds II

    That comment about the Cracked article at the end has me so pleased. When I saw the upside-down cross it was the first thing I thought of.
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    punished for dominet gene?

    I know that the Halo games have had a lefty control option since the first. I can't think of any other games that do, unfortunately.
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    Poll: A Starcraft II Question

    You could keep doing it if you want, but it's kind of an all-in strategy, and if it fails you pretty much lose the game. Players at higher levels are much more competent at dealing with strategies like that. Another tip, if you don't already know. If you zergling rush a zerg, build a spine...
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    Happy Belated Birthday Steve Irwin!

    There was this guy at my school who used to do the morning announcements when I was in grade 8 or 9. He was banned from doing them after telling a number of subtle off-colour jokes. The best one was when he was talking about the anniversary of a horrible tragedy. At first he made it sound as...
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    I went PC and now I can't go back

    I grew up playing shooters on console, so I've never been completely comfortable with PC shooters. It sound weird, but the aiming is too precise, and I always end up overshooting my target. I use the PC for online play and games that simply don't work on consoles, like RTS and the like.
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    LMGs = RAGE!

    If any gun is overpowered in Bad Company 2 it's the AN-94. It has no recoil and a ridiculously high rate of fire for a burst fire gun. With magnum ammo on it kills people so fast you'd swear you're playing CoD. I'm not complaining, it's my favourite gun. I don't think it's OP myself, but I can...
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    Bullet Storm, An overall ..meh

    I was under the impression that any complaint about the dialogue being cheesy or vulgar was automatically invalid. They used the word "dicktits" in one of the ads. Come on, what did you expect? If you buy a game that's supposed to be entirely about mindless over the top violence and profanity...
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    Ugliest Outfits in Games

    Wow, I actually really like 3 of the 5 examples in the OP. Reinforced Combat Armour Mark 2 looks bitchin' when coupled with a rebreather. My favourite aarmour loadout in New Vegas is Reinforced Combat Armour Mark 2, rebreather, and First Recon Beret. You look awesome. OT: Bayonetta's retarded...
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    A crazy idea (mabye)

    If you're playing on PC, there are probably mods that allow you to do that. If you have it for console....tough luck, I guess. Besides, the New Vegas soundtrack is just as good as the Fallout 3 soundtrack.
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    Poll: Sex- Are you a top or a bottom?

    Top. I like high places, and whenever I sleep on the bottom of a bunk bed I'm afraid the bed above me is going to fall down and crush me to death.
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    Poll: Shaving of the Downstairs

    I am a man, and I do not. I generally prefer that women do, unless it reveals something gross.
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    Actual City of Juarez Wants Videogame Juarez Banned

    I see here what looks like a ton of knee-jerk reactions to defend the game without thinking about where the ban is coming from. Thousands of people have been murdered in a relatively short timespan in Juarez, and when a foreign company comes along and wants to turn that into entertainment, it's...
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    The story of Fallout: New Vegas falls apart near the end (help explain it please)

    For one, you're not even close to the end of the game. Also, the game assumes that you wouldn't want to ally with the guy who shot you in the head. That's just common sense.
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    help me with my home brew RPG

    Wouldn't that be sociopath? Schadenfreude. OT: Meathead: Takes no additional damage from attacks to the head, loses some points in intelligence. Predator: Partial night vision, capable of detecting biological enemies in complete darkness. Focused: Takes 1/4 effect from attacks...