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    The Escapist Awards 2009 - Winners Announcement

    I don't really agree with most of the awards, but that's just my opinion. Although one that I can definitely get behind is the best original soundtrack; Blazblue had a seriously stellar soundtrack, it was enough to get me into Metal, a genre of music I have never had an interest in.
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    Revisiting Our Demon Soul

    There are checkpoints. You can open shortcuts throughout the stages and you'll unlock a new spawn point with each defeated boss. Not to mention that you can pretty much blaze through most areas in 15 minutes once you know them. And co-op is by no means necessary for completion. So long as you...
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    Zero Punctuation: Dragon Age: Origins

    You should review Demon's Souls, seriously. It's a fantastic game and while the difficulty would make for some hilarious review rage, I'm confident you will come to love the game like so many others have.
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    Unexpectedly Hot Game Characters

    Faith from Mirrors Edge is honestly the only female video game character I'd ever consider going out with.
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    What do you think is the worst gaming website community?

    Gametrailers is pretty bad, but I like the site for the variety of content and the subforums. They could probably fix things by just having a strict banning policy for anyone making hateful posts or comments. I have to say The Escapist has the best forum by far; everyone is generally...
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    Bioshock for the MAC

    Gears of War and CoD4 are available for Mac.
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    Review: Demon's Souls

    Yahtzee totally should have reviewed this. I mean, think about it, Demon's Souls is a JRPG that he might like, a lot. No offense to you Susan, it was still a good review even if you did exaggerate the difficulty.
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    Mech Games

    Yea, I'd like to see a new Mech game too. Since From Software (makers of Chromehounds, Demon's Souls, the Tenchu series, and the Armored Core series) have really improved the quality of their games recently I hope that they will eventually re-visit and completely re-imagine the Armored Core...
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    Games you WISH you were good at.

    I'd like to be godly at Starcraft, I could actually make a living playing that game. If I was a Pro Starcraft player I would play "random" because that would be fun to watch for the fans. Also, I'm pretty good at Armored Core. Last one I cared about was Armored Core Last Raven on the PS2...
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    Poll: are the expectashons of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to high

    I don't think the expectations are too high because I think people expect it to be "another CoD game". By that I mean the same gameplay, a few new features, new guns, and an action packed SP.
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    Sleeper Hits - underhyped titles which you know will be awesome

    Demon's Souls. It is not going to get any attention from the mainstream because of how hard and niche it is, but everything I've heard from the reviews and people who imported it (myself included) is stellar. It also is going to get absolutely no advertising because it was a low budget title...
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    Review: Demon's Souls

    I've got this game and I love it. Who else thinks it would be perfect for a Zero Punctuation review? It's hard as hell but extremely fun and satisfying at the same time, just be sure to take a look at as it helped me immensely in understanding the game.