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    Ubisoft is Giving You One Last Chance to Get Seven Free Ubi30 Games

    Thanks for the heads up! Kind of thing I keep coming back to the Escapist for.
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    If our society had been historically dominated by women...

    You can look at historical trends. Ancient Roman and Greek societies had fairly high birth/death ratios compared to peer civilisations, in spite of the fact that infanticide was legal, in fact routine. It's quite easy to argue that societies in which women were basically property and male...
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    If our society had been historically dominated by women...

    The innate differences between men and women aren't nearly as pronounced as you imply. I think the answer is probably simpler - societies in which women are more heavily subjugated tend also to have higher birth rates, which both allows them to beat their peer societies, and arguably forces...
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    BBC's Top 100 films of the 21st Century so Far

    Oh, other films which should be there: Place Beyond the Pines - almost an ancient Greek melodrama, but modern setting District 9 - maybe not high on the list, but good B movie blockbuster
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    BBC's Top 100 films of the 21st Century so Far

    Some notes on the ones I've seen: 100. Requiem for a Dream (Darren Aronofsky, 2000) 96. Finding Nemo (Andrew Stanton, 2003) 94. Let the Right One In (Tomas Alfredson, 2008) - Yeah, fine 93. Ratatouille (Brad Bird, 2007) - not sure it should be on the list, but 90's is ok I guess. 92. The...
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    Europeans and small talk

    British here. I guess it's just a different perspective. When I was in Florida I found it decidedly weird, and slightly claustrophobic, how friendly everyone was. I think that's probably because I'd regard friendliness as something you do with someone once you know them well enough, to...
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    Why did Modern Science develop in Europe

    Not to be excessively pedantic, but Chinese nationalism predates the modern era. Multiple wars of unification suggest that it was a cultural aim and aspiration for a very very long time. The claims by some (mostly Chinese) historians that the Chinese state has been a continuous entity since the...
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    How are all you Escapebrits beating the heat?

    I'm not going to beat it tomorrow. Important work meeting, which means jacket and tie, in a training suite (full of computers) which is inadequately ventilated and was getting uncomfortably warm last time I visited in early spring. Followed by a car journey at midday and another meeting in a...
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    Dramatic Video Game Moments.......You DID took seriously?

    From way back when, Ocarina of Time. The bit when you first wake up in the future world, where Hyrule Town has been devastated and is full of zombies. I was pretty small at the time, and I think it was probably the first game I'd played where your achievements up to that point are thoroughly and...
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    Poll: You have to fist fight the last game character you played as, how does it go?

    Shit - I lose, badly. Even without abilities and weapons, Corvo is pretty high tier. And if I got a punch in, that mask would hurt me more than him!
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    Huge Battlefield 1 info leak

    Oh, I'm aware of all this! I was suggesting flamethrower cavalry to poke fun at all of the other ridiculous shit they've already demonstrated.
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    Huge Battlefield 1 info leak

    Should also be carbines and pistols, possibly even lances for certain types of cav (though if the Russians aren't playable, probably not). Though, judging from what I've seen so far, they'll probably equip the horses with recoilless rifles, HMGs, and flamethrowers.
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    Poll: A mysterious artifact is In your hands...

    Much as I'd like loads of money, my life is more valuable, and this artefact would appear to be Euclid at best and definitely malignant. Not going to risk being subject to some of the more horrifying shit that happens to people who mess around with this stuff.
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    Poll: A mysterious artifact is In your hands...

    I frequent the SCP [] site. So I drop the artifact, run like hell, and hope it's not already too late. And that I'm not about to be deemed acceptable collateral damage by the inbound MTF.
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    Could V for Vendetta challenge the government of 1984

    Not a chance. The plot of V for Vendetta hinges around V making a prediction/promise to the people, then climactically delivering on it. In 1984 no-one would even know about the promise - everyone would have been ordered to forget it, records would have been purged, and, perhaps most damningly...