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    Is Earthbound worth it?

    Well I managed it just find with a Universal Converter, but I see where you're coming from. Also, customs charge you an extra £20 if you buy an item over around £50 online from the USA.
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    Is Earthbound worth it?

    As a massive fan of Earthbound, no, no, no no no no no. The game is not worth $100. Over the years it's been artificially inflated by eBay retailers to the point where they're pretty damn overpriced. Just about a year ago you could find them for $60-$80, recently loose carts have begun...
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    Poll: Would you drive across Africa for $1 million?

    If anything Far Cry 2 has taught me, Hell no.
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    Dealing with Pyros (TF2)

    You're all doing it wrong. Or at least differently from the way I do it. The trick is to run INTO them, and past them. If you do it right, they'll blunder past you, and you'll only receive a lick of flame. They hardly ever expect it, and you can whittle down their health easier without taking...
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    Any doctor Who fans here? need a little help

    B-but... then he'd miss The Empty Child!
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    The first "good" old PC games you remember playing.

    Yup. Grew up with a Mac, played Myst, Marathon and Mr Potato Head.
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    Sony Offers "Sincerest Apologies" for PSN Attack

    Well, that and 30 days of free Playstation Plus, or whatever it's called.
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    Optimus Gets Mad in New Transformers Trailer

    I don't feel particularly mad.
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    Poll: Who is looking Forward to Brink?

    Actually, this game is being developed by Splash Damage. If you come to like Brink, or if you want something to play in the game, you should download their free Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which may be one of the best games ever made. Quake Wars is also another absolutely brilliant game...
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    Valve Cut Nausea-Inducing Wall-Walking Gel From Portal 2, Reveals Writer

    Ah screw you Valve, wall-walking was going to be one of the awesome features in that FPS I would like to design in the future but probably won't.
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    Critical Miss: Subtle Parallels

    There's actually a subtle reference to 4Chan in the first two words of this comic. No.
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    Multiplayer on games that no one is playing.

    There's no more depressing sight than seeing lists of empty servers in games you used to play religiously. Quake 2, Warsow... not quite dead but definitely nowhere near as active as they were. I also used to play TF2 on the Xbox on a nearly daily basis. Of course I've been playing the PC...
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    Game Ruiner.

    The Mystic Springs or whatever from Sam and Max: Hit the Road. Music and the setting made me nauseated and gave me a couple of migraines. Got to the stage were I actually couldn't continue and I had to put the game down for a fortnight or so to settle down. ... ...that sounds strange...
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    Just for laughs (black ops)

    That's pretty awesome guy. If I were you though, I would have equipped a UAV or similar easy kill streak, so that nearly every cut is followed by the announcer blurting out the reward. Maddening on two levels - it's irritating and repetitive, and it shows you can't get many kills per life...