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    A Magnet For Cats

    Can we get a spin off comic based around adorable big guy and lovely petite girl? :D
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    Escapist News Wrap: New Pokemon and Giant Squids

    Man I just want to give Greg a hug, he's like a giant teddy bear!
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    Scientists Developing Tornado Power Plant

    OH GOD YES PLEASE WHATEVER IT TAKES MAKE THIS HAPPEN It will be incredible ''Hey so what do you do for a living?'' ''Oh you know, I maintain a controlled vortex of pure destructive wind that generates energy for our country''
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    Movie Trailers: Decay - Trailer

    Oh god.. just Why? Why do you have to be so dumb looking. Why does every new scientific discovery end up with someone thinking it will create zombies? How could a field that gives everything Mass even CREATE zombies? Like CERN doesn't get enough Flack because some newspaper jerk...
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    "World of Warcraft Candidate" Wins Election

    I think we are ALL in support of dickpunching Arthas. Also, your avatar is going to drive me INSANE D:
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    Senate Candidate Attacked Over World of Warcraft

    ....They do realise that this is going to cause her to get pretty much the ENTIRETY of the Youth Vote right? I mean, I live nowhere near Maine, i'm not even american, I don't know anything about this womans politics or policies, and yet I still want to vote for her.
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    Manic Pixie Dream Girl

    MPDG, It's almost as big an epidemic as Mary-Sue
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    Sir Hammerlock Lifts the Veil On Borderlands 2

    You mean.... I can't play as Sir Hammerlock? But He's so dapper D:
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    Movie Trailers: Red Dawn - Trailer

    Josh, Peeta Mellark and Thor teaming up to saaaaavvvee the day. I am never going to be able to take this movie seriously XD
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    So, my family is homophobic.

    First off *hug* you sound like you need it. I've had to put up with bigoted people my entire life, it comes with the territory unfortunately, and I have found that most people can't be swayed from their perspectives. It has happened on occasion I was able to change peoples opinions about...
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    The "R" Word

    So I look at the picture, don't get the joke, come back half an hour later, look at it again, and go say out loud like I figured out the cure for cancer ''Ooooooh, they're BACKPEDALING'' Dear lord i'm slow sometimes -____-
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    The Escapist Radio Theater #13

    Man, I remember this, I LOVED this, why'd it have to stop? D:
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    Lollipop Chainsaw Review

    Was.... was that Twilight Sparkle?
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    Escape to the Movies: Rock of Ages

    Never been a big fan of Tom Cruise. Guy gives me all kinds of wierd creepy vibes O_o Also, End Credit Jokes? I don't think you quite realise how important those are D:
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    The Big Picture: The New Green

    Bob, as always watching your videos is an honour and something I look forward to at the end of the day. As always you've reminded me that there are smart, open-minded individuals who are not afraid to voice their opinion and for that I thank you :)