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    Poll: What's with the "Pineapple on Pizza" debate?

    Here's one of my favorite pizza topping combo, chorizo and pineapple. Yea, I'm one of those weirdos that likes pineapple on my pizza.
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    REPORT: Blizzard Demands Fans to Stop Making Porn of Overwatch

    This is kinda funny, to me anyway... the "OverWatch" smut I have consumed, is what dragged me into wanting to pick myself up a copy of "OverWatch". So yea, Blizz has those wonderful smut artists for getting me to throw down the $60 for the Origins Edition.
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    Meet The Yugoslavian PC Mag Cover Girls of the 80s and 90s

    Well then, I must admit, I find these magazine covers rather.... intriguing. And to the posters above me, many thanks for sharing this... research material.
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    Female Form Appreciation Mark 2

    Virginia Maxwell, she is one of the better female characters in gaming. And she is one of my personal favorite characters of all time.
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    Skeletons with Intelligent/Personality List

    Well, we have quite a few here, however, I feel you all are missing a cartoon with an exclusively skeletal antagonist team. I am speaking of course of, "Skeleton Warriors". Look it up, your life will be incomplete without witnessing the cheese that the 90's has produced.
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    Game of Thrones Characters Drawn In the Style of Bob's Burgers

    Each and every one of these drawings is terrible, and the artist that drew them should feel terrible. Honestly, JaredJones if you want some good fan art of "Game of Thrones" or whatever, why don't you google some actually good artwork. Hell, I can do better work than this garbage, and that's if...
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    Mortal Kombat X Is Getting Four New Characters - Update

    If Ed Boon posted a picture of a full moon, and if the moon is some sort of hint... the moon, it is associated with werewolves and vampires, so Scarlet maybe? However, the moon influences the worlds ocean, and the ocean evaporates and over time that evaporation becomes rain... rain? that's it...
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    Recommend me a good JRPG that ISN'T Final Fantasy

    Let me see, people have already suggested "Wild Arms 3"... "Parasite Eve"..... "SMT: Persona 3/4" (< does not shock me). How about picking up some "Legend of Dragoon", you can pick it up for about $6.00 American.
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    8 Ridiculously Underrated Games

    I agree with a couple of these. "Impossible Creatures" and "Evil Genius" are quite underrated. However, if I may add a couple that I feel are underrated. "Folklore" One hell of an action RPG, with two equally bad-ass characters, and a great story (That I'll be revisiting after I'm done with...
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    Four Year Old Calgary Girl's Scribbles Praised By Some Critics As High Art

    OH, COME THE FUCK ON! you can't be serious. It looks like something made by a four year old, taking no effort! no freaking talent! no anything! If you want some actual art to look at I would like to lead you to my DeviantArt, though I'm not sure if I can post my username on here, I will if...
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    Kickstarter's you backed

    Senscape's "Asylum" got the $400 pack. So I'll be getting a t-shirt, a copy of the game, and a piece of my own artwork in the game.
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    Roll For Sass! Check Out These Out-Of-Context D&D Quotes

    I haven't played too much D&D, but when I played a bit in high school, I was playing a sorcerer (Wanted to be a Necromancer). And the DM had us in a sewer setting, I had made the mistake of casting fireball.... needless to say I killed my entire party. Pro D&D tip, don't let me play any magic...
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    Showing some love for Youtube(rs?)

    Ahsens: dude is nuts, does reviews on cheap crap from the British version of dollar stores. He also from time to time eats extreamly out of date food......... and Pop station stuffs. Skallagrim/ Scholagladiatoria/ Lindybeige: these dudes do videos on historical medieval martial arts, and they...
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    Help needed, film identification

    I haven't exposed it to light as of yet, I was thinking of doing so, and sadly no, I don't have a player for 8mm film.
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    Help needed, film identification

    Dear fellow escapists, I have recently stumbled on a super 8mm film, and I have tried to figure out what title it is. All I got is red plastic case with "CCC" on the inside, and the metal reel itself reads "Made in U.S.A." "EZ-Grip" and "Scherer". And with a vigorous search of the internet has...