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    Zero Punctuation: Evolve - One vs Multiplayer

    Why are you advertising cream eggs when they've been made shit this year!
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    Frieza Returns In New Dragon Ball Z Movie For 2015

    Master Roshi blew up the Moon in the SECOND arc of Dragon Ball. Kami only knows how it got back there.
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    Judge Dismisses Former Panamanian Dictator's Suit Against Activision

    So that means that I can make a porn game with JLaw being raped and as long as I don't put here image on the front cover or mention here in marketing its fine!? Or maybe I could make a football game with the likenesses or all the premiership players in it and just not use their official team...
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    D&D Monster Manual Review - One Badass Bestiary

    So are there any rules or suggestions for applying classes to low level creatures so that its not a case of the Orc king being exactly the same as Orc grunt no. 14?
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    The Not-So-Marvelous 90s in Marvel Cartoons

    Why is Ironman fighting Ming the Merciless??? I don't think I've actually seen any of these before either they weren't screened on terrestrial in the UK or I had grown out of cartoons at that point. None of these, however, look as good as Exosquad, now that was a cartoon.
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    The Big Picture: Real Cutie - Manga Turned Live Action

    Silly Bob, this was the Original magic girl.
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    Rolf Harris Guilty Of 12 Counts Of Indecent Assault

    Your actually wrong on that last point. The majority of convicted paedophiles aren't actually paedophiles. They are in fact opportunistic rapists who targeted a child because they where easy to control and manipulate.
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    Game of Thrones Showrunners Confirm "There Will be Dorne" in Season 5

    Having read the books all I can say is that there will be the exact same scenes as from the books but played out in such a way as to make the character as unlikable as possible: such as this seasons Jamie/Cersei rape, Arya leaving the Hound to die out of cruelty rather than an inability to kill...
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    Jimquisition: Buyer Beware

    Grange Hill?! That takes me back.
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    Good Old Reviews: Pirates! Gold

    God I loved Pirates gold back in 96 or 97. I picked it up on a budget label and just kept on playing for years. This and Civ 2 (and sims city 2) must have been my most played games in my childhood along with the two elite sequels.
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    Escape to the Movies: Ender's Game

    Nope, there's some dialogue about how he was the third child and his parents had spent a lot of money on him (implying his birth) in order to get him into the academy after his siblings failed. Peter is shown as a demon in Enders subconscious dream sequences and apart from an episode of bullying...
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    Escape to the Movies: Ender's Game

    Two or three times.
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    Escape to the Movies: Ender's Game

    Have to disagree with Bob. The movie was fun enjoyable and the REAL twist ending was good. It could have done with more extensive scenes to actually showcase his tactical abilities and the implied Full Metal Jacket bootcamp didn't really go anywhere. But then films don't have the luxury of time...
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    Jimquisition: Sexual Failing

    Anybody else getting a stream not found message?