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    Poll: You think anime should have thicker women(bigger asses and wider hips not just big boobs)

    Maybe it is because I haven't watched much anime lately, but what are you talking about?
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    Nintendo Why?

    Nintendo has been a generation behind everyone else since the N64. This is nothing new for them.
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    What makes One Piece so great?

    Because unlike Kubo and Kishimoto, Oda actually gives a damn about what he writes, how he writes it, and the world he creates while writing. To the point that even characters that shows up for only a handful of chapters 400+ chapters before can show up again and be relevant and important again...
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    Disney is doing a Terrible job with the Marvel License.

    Did you just say Fantastic Four doesn't work in modern times? Huh... Guess you didn't read the Johnathan Hickman run on the series. Which was amazing. Don't bash Fantastic Four, man. They are great characters. Anyway, if you want to blame the downfall of Marvel Comics on something, blame...
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    Why are people hyping up The Emoji Movie?

    I will just leave this here... Just apply everything in this video to The Emoji Movie, and it is the same stupid ass problem. The reason people are freaking out about this negatively is because it shows how much contempt movie studio's have for the...
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    How to stop making the wrong decision?

    Yeah, that is better than me, dude. The only thing you can do with mistakes is learn from them in order to make things better for you in the future. Everyone makes the wrong choices, it is what you learn from your mistakes that makes you a better person.
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    Report: Mass Effect Put on Indefinite Hold

    Really? These sales expectations of big AAA companies are getting more and more ridiculous...
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    Poll: Alien 3 or Alien: Resurrection

    They are both terrible movies and it is better making your own ending after Aliens. However, if you HAVE to choose, go Alien 3. Alien Resurrection I like to pretend doesn't exist.
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    Poll: The Aliens Series

    This poll isn't a surprise. Alien and Aliens are the only good movies in the franchise, after all. I voted Alien since it is better at showing how dangerous one of them can be and is more of an overall horror movie than Aliens. However, it was a close call. I love them both.
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    Consumer rights: Updates that make a purchased game worse or completely break it.

    Exactly this. Any patch that breaks a game would break it for all users. No way either Sony, MS, or Nintendo would allow something like that to happen without making a move to fix that.
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    Consumer rights: Updates that make a purchased game worse or completely break it.

    Well, for one thing most companies don't update console games after a specific point in time anyway unless it is something like Overwatch or whatnot. So there is literally no reason to even bother worrying about something like that happening on consoles. However, let us say it is only a year or...
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    8 Console Exclusives that We Want to Play on PC

    PS3's are really cheap now. You should be able to find one rather easily. Also, give it time. I am sure an updated re-release will come out eventually. lol.
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    Consumer rights: Updates that make a purchased game worse or completely break it.

    Lol. Do you know what this discussion tells me? PC and digital gaming is even more garbage than I first thought and all the "master race" morons just are fooling themselves with how great everything is until their games no longer work by whatever whims a random company decides to do with the...
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    Poll: The ultimate question

    Ugh. Neither. If I want a chocolate candy bar, I would literally go for anything else but these two. Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, Baby Ruth, Snickers, Twix. All superior. But if forced to pick, Kit Kat is slightly better than Butterfinger.
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    Your biggest gaming surprise so far this year

    Look, I knew Persona 5 was going to be great anyway since Persona is always great... But Persona 5 blew my expectations out of the water so much that it became not only my favorite game of the year, but my favorite game in general, which I didn't expect since my favorite game was Final Fantasy...