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    Scott Pilgrim gets dominated.

    Don't plan on seeing either to soon but Scott Pilgrim looked ridiculously bad in all the trailers and adverts I've seen for it.
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    HELP! I need a song!

    Use Slither by Velvet Revolver, their record label dropped them recently, thus, they are no longer a signed artist. Bish, bash, bosh.
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    If you had to choose....

    Can I choose CSS? I'd spend my time getting 1337 at CSS, pretty sure that game will never get old. If not then Football Manger 2010 (or whatever the latest edition is at time of islanding), that game is more addictive than crack, so I'm sure I'd be fine. Until it makes me rage and throw the...
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    Gaming Related Injury

    I would always get cramp in my calves when lieing down on my belly and playing PS2/Gamecube, it would always strike when I reared up to yell at the tv after getting killed or something, then bam, extreme leg pain would kick in and I'd end up dieing another 10 times while I lay contemplating...
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    Poll: You have to give your seat to someone, who will it be?

    Well sucks to be the kid then.
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    Poll: You have to give your seat to someone, who will it be?

    Yea, but old people have more trouhle standing up straight, they also have weaker bones.
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    Poll: You have to give your seat to someone, who will it be?

    The old person because they might fall over and break their pelvis. As for the other two, pregnant people weird me out so I wouldn't be able to even bring myself to speak to her and the kid is young so he should be able to man up and roll with it.
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    Poll: Would you do it with an Alien?

    Well, does the alien look like a person? Because if so, then yes, if not then I'm not sure I'd find it drop dead gorgeous, I don't really swing that way.
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    Poll: Thoughts on Death Metal.....

    Can't stand it. It all sounds the same to me and the vocals piss me off. I like other metal though.
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    Poll: The new Youtube layout!

    Damn Barrack Obama and his change!
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    Recommend me a band! (Not quite what you think)

    Oh ar! West country!
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    People my age arn't mature enough.

    I meant that thirteen is a young age so you may aswel balls about and be a kid and not be worrying about maturity. I remember in school there would always be a group of kids who would always try and convince themselves and everyone else they were so very mature by doing things like only...
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    If you could get rid of ONE of your fears...

    Lmao... A panic attack in my head is probaly the perfect way to sum it up, then my legs turn to jelly and I feel like passing out. I have been slowly building confidence recently though, I can always get on with friends' dogs now, although I'll be a little shaky at first, once I'm around...
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    If you could get rid of ONE of your fears...

    Fear of dogs, I'm ridiculously scared of dogs. For example, say I'm in the street and someone is walking a dog at me, I'd rather dodge fast moving traffic to get to the other side of the road than walk passed them.