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    Worst achievements.....

    I agree that the level ones aren't worth a great deal. The most annoying ones, however, are the ones based on time and not skill. I don't care if a trophy is super hard to get so long as it is achieved by either doing something well or by an unusual method. The achieve x-million points in...
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    IGN has Reviewed Prototype

    I seem to have avoided the hype around this (if there was any) and now I can see why. It looks alright but I imagine it will get old fast. Seems too repetitive for my tastes.
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    How about one for the "true believers" ?

    In general I agree with what you are saying here. I have been gaming for twenty years or more and have often found myself disappointed when a game turns out to be all looks and no content. I guess it depends on how the game is sold in the first place. Warhawk, for example, on the PS3 was...
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    Poll: Marijuana

    No I don't and for the reasons listed above. I have seen this, and worse, happen to people when they insisted that it never could.
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    Futurama Returns!

    Mint. I always prefered this to The Simpsons and had no idea why they binned it in the first place. I will be making a bit more room on my shelf for these when they come out.
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    First online game?

    My first was an MMO called Fairyland. I appreciate the name sounds a bit ... but it was highly addictive and I ended up running three account for nearly two years. I was gutted when the servers closed but with hindsight I did waste a hell of a lot of my time on something which was ultimately...
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    The Last Game.

    Valkyria Chronicles. Just got to the last level and looking forward to playing through again on hard.
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    Noobs on MMOs

    Heaven forbid I decide to join an already established MMO. It is just this sort of attitude that puts me off. I have played a few MMOs over the years and generally have a good idea what I am doing. I cannot, however, jump into a new game and be an instant expert. It is so annoying when you...
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    Names for subgenres of games that don't exist yet.

    AFK 'em up. Any MMO type game where you go to bed and leave your character working on some mindless repetitive task.
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    When you type "lol", "rofl", etc...

    I use lol very occasionally but only as a joke itself really or as a response to someone who lols a lot. That said sometimes you type a sentence and it is not clear whether it is serious or a joke or what. I have offended a few people that way and then had to spend ages explaining I was...
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    What games were popular in 1998? (Novel research question)

    Here is an even longer list Oh and the music wasn't all boy band cheese back then. I first got into Foo Fighters and similar in the late 90s.
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    Ever been let down by the A.I.?

    RE5 most of the time. Help me with the boss? Help me with the boss please? Okay, I'll kill it on my own, you watch and occasionally get injured to waste my sprays. Thanks.
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    Most Annoying in-Game Enemy.

    All enemies on CoD5 Veteran. The second you stop moving they throw a precision cooked grenade up your nose from the other side of the map (and so do all of their mates).
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    Poll: Which Sequel are you most looking forward to?

    Uncharted 2. I realise the first one didn't break any new ground or anything but I only bought it as it was cheap and ended up having real fun playing it. I just hope they don't mess with things too much as it was the simplicity that made it so appealing.
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    Faverote Show (Anime Included)

    Lost. For anyone who didn't get past the rather slow first series I suggest you give it a second chance. Edit - I would tell you why but virtually anything you say about Lost is a spoiler of some variety.