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    What are some "bad" movies that you like?

    People seem to knock the older Punisher film with Dolph Lundren, but I liked it. And even though it had nothing to do with the game really, Super Mario Bros. was very entertaining.
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    Battlefield 3 Teaser Trailer Hints at Release Date

    LOL they actually had o say they were going to put in prone. I love BF2 and have high hopes for BF3, but honestly what does that say. That's like when a dead beat dad wants praise for paying his child support, you're supposed to pay your child support. What DICE, you want a cookie (Ref. Chris...
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    DICE Officially Cancels BF1943 and Bad Company 2 Onslaught for PC

    Who really cared about the console ports anyway. Yeah they made money but the PC is where the really fans go to play BF. I think that EA and has gotten the wiff of that sticky cash and now I'm very afraid for BF3, and really all they have to do is take BF2 and make it better but not change to...
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    Poll: Why do lots of people hate Heavy Metal?

    "I like pendulum, blood sugar and slam (tarantula isn't bad either)." Tarantula is by Pendulum...just fyi. And my two cents to this would be that people hate Metal for a lot of reasons, most of them ignorant...and religious.
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    Poll: Your favorite soda?

    Raspberry flavored Sprite was my crack for a few months, then they stopped selling it. But i think you can get it on the Coca-Cola Freestyle.
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    Why its still not cool to admit youre a Gamer

    People still don't like gamers because the media still treats it as a waste of time versus a stream of entertainment. The lifestyle of a gamer is simply a lazy one and therefore that's how others see it. Reading a book is move thought provoking but less interactive, and being a movie junkie is...
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    Poll: Mmmm blood!!!

    I do like the idea behind the True Blood vampires. Kind of old but growing into a more modern vampire. I mean if they are going to survive they have to change with the times, what else would you do if you were like 500 yrs old right.
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    The Escapist Presents: The Costumes of Dragon*Con

    There's always one girl dressed as Cammy. Does that outfit ride right up their butt. Also does camel toe ever become an issue. I'm just "looking out" for you girls.
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    Duke Nukem Forever CONFIRMED at PAX 2010

    If anybody was paying attention they could have seen this coming. The leaked demo footage was enough to at least estimate that a very good chunk of the game was done so why wouldn't valve (a la gearbox) want to finish it off and sell it. It actually looked like a pretty decent game.
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    Poll: MW2 classes

    I think that's pretty much my set up too but with the red dot sight instead, I find it to give a better view/ line of sight.
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    Activision Defends Modern Warfare 2 Pricing

    It's all about the multiplayer. This is just Activision's way of putting a price on the amount of time people will spend in the multiplayer. Although any future map packs will be free on PC but most likely cost money on all other platforms, or not and this hike is just to cover that?
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    When it's ok for a man to cry.

    When his dog dies it's been said already.
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    Do you Dream about Games?

    I just had a dream last night that I was playing Alter Beast as the Grim Reaper, and then the game went 3D and it looked pretty cool. I was hacking up the undead with a Scythe, I think I've been playing Dead Rising too much though.
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    Your favorite voice actor

    I like the guy who does the voice for Gordon Freeman. And before you say "he never speaks" he did breathe heavily in Half-Life 1, right after he puts the sample in the energy beam.