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    Bethesda Shows Off QuakeCon Skyrim Characters

    Todd Howard said the Dagonborn in Skyrim are not the same as those from other Elder Scrolls games, this is pretty obvious through their ability to speak Dragon Language.
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    Bethesda Shows Off QuakeCon Skyrim Characters

    If the plot revolves around you being one of the Dovahkiin , what logic is there in making the protagonist anything but a Nord ? It seems nonsensical to me.
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    Poll: So Escapist, Whats your morality?

    Lawful Evil because morality is relative and order is necessary.
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    The Big Picture: Skin Deep

    For a supposedly academic discussion why does Bob think racial inequality is based on melanin levels. It is based on cultural and technological superiority. The simple fact is nothing in nature is equal, those who cannot kill will always be subject to those who can. We are living in a...
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    The Big Picture: Correctitude

    Political Correctness spawned as an extension of Marxist Critical Theory pushed by the Frankfurt Institute after they shipped over to the US after being trampled in Europe. Just like Critical Theory its purpose is to silence the opinions of those who disagree with them on a political level...
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    A Male on Females on Female Characters

    For all intents and purposes, all historical Heroes are men; so what exactly is the basis for all this gender equality bitching besides furthering a political agenda.
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    Videogames as Art

    Jesus Christ guy, why cant you grasp the concept I am writing about. If an artist allows the audience to change their creation, they are not an artist. I did not say the examples you gave werent art, they simply have nothing to do with what I am stating. I dont know if you're actually this...
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    Videogames as Art

    omfg, I dont think you understand my point, is the audience allowed to adjust facial features on Picasso's abstract portraits ? Is the audience allowed to make Batman go apeshit and start killing civillians in The Dark Knight ? I think the problem is that many of you dont even understand the...
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    Videogames as Art

    But not through the audience, please put more thought into what you say.
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    Videogames as Art

    This is the first time Yahtzee has made himself look like a moron, I think hes ego has gotten the better of him. Videogames are not art for one simple reason, videogames are directly participatory, as such they are entertainment. If an artist relinquishes his art to free tampering by the...
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    What's the Problem With Hit-Girl?

    The problem with Hit Girl is they make her engage in melee combat, I mean come on, she probably weighs like 40 kgs. Whenever that happened i cringed as the suspension of disbelief was completely shattered. Shooting guys is one thing, but even stabbing and especially fighting require strength...
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    Do europeans dislike americans?

    Alot of continental Europeans do hate America because of its intrusive media and political and moral lecturing and strong arm assholeness. This said many Americans dont have control over this and arent treated with hostility as much as contempt, because they are not free from blame for the...
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    Escape to the Movies: Avatar

    Oh please, I like fantasy movies, but this is just space Pocahontas or Dances with Wolves. Its generic cliched bs, there is nothing in the story that is likeable.
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    Poll: The Coolest/Deadliest Warrior

    If they eugenically selected the cream of the crop for soldiers today, and trained them from an early age, like the Nazis did with the SS, than they would win hands down. Otherwise I had to choose Spartans. Vikings are a close second but they were more raiders than warriors, by which I mean...
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    Do you take yahtzee's reviews with a grain of salt?

    I liked Yahtzees earlier reviews, but hes changed man. He used to be cool.