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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance Delayed Into Next Year

    As long as it comes out as glitch free as possible.
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    Sony Has Finally Ended Production of the PlayStation 3

    Man, what I'd give to have my 1st Gen PS3 again. ALL the media slots, ALL the backwards compatibility. Died on me, YLOD. No saving it really, sold it for scrap basically. If we sacrifice enough goats, maybe?
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    Online PvP tactical turn-based combat

    Have you tried Atlas Reactor? I haven't tried it myself yet but I hear it's good and it's turned based PvP goodness and it's free to play. *sees it was mentioned earlier if typo'd*
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    Vanquish PC Bug Makes Higher Framerates Equal Higher Damage Taken

    Wait, really!? WHY!? Why would they do that?! It's a damn turned based strategy game!
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    Meet Three of Far Cry 5's Resistance Members in these Character Trailers

    Only thing I can figure is they have some kind of radio silence/bribery going making it so none of this gets out of Hope. Also I want to play the Pastor so I can yell out during playing "I KICK ASS FOR THE LORD!".
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    Vanquish PC Bug Makes Higher Framerates Equal Higher Damage Taken

    Except it worked on YOU and not the enemies....
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    Vanquish PC Bug Makes Higher Framerates Equal Higher Damage Taken

    This is a similar thing to the damage rate of equipment in Dark Souls II, meaning if you ran the game at the smooth 60fps, your gear wore out a LOT faster.
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    Steam Sales 2016.

    Oh there's SO MUCH on my Wishlist on sale...I could probably nearly wipe it out today...but I need money for food the next week soooooo... (then again the sale doesn't end till July the 4th sooooooo).
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    Investigating Overwatch's Stingy Loot System

    The leveling in the early hours of the game is pretty fast from what I hear and slows down a LOT around the 20's or so, requiring several winning matches to get up a rank.
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    Investigating Overwatch's Stingy Loot System

    You know what's NOT stingy with it's rewards? Battleborn. Yeah the difficulty spikes in Advanced are all over the place but for the most part, all the unlocks can be completed through just general gameplay and I got access to all but 1 of them in about 20 hours of gameplay? You realize that...
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    Blizzard Removes "Avoid this Player" Option from Overwatch

    Except they made it so that if you leave a game early, you get penalized a LOT by it. They should just add in a "Surrender" option for those times when you're getting curbstomped into oblivion and basically waiting for them to stop curbstomping you for 10 minutes.
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    Blizzard Removes "Avoid this Player" Option from Overwatch

    So, a player that's REALLY good at the game was inconvenienced and the option was taken out. That's stupid, I don't want to get matched against people that repeatedly stomp my ass in competition so if there's an option to avoid fighting them, I'd like it thank you very much. Also what does one...
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    #119: The Delicious Taste

    And then Not!Tifa and Not!BarrettSazh got turned into Crystal Soda monsters that the party will have to kill....
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    #117: Hero Economics

    Way cuter than even a chibi Big Hat Logan could ever be. Yeah, Rad has once again stolen the show...oh God they're gonna kill him...
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    Poll: If you always lose at a certain game, how can you be learning to play it better?

    Topic, a friend of mine revealed to me that Overwatch has levels for matchmaking that go up regardless if you win or lose matches. I proposed that it's a flawed system and should be fluid if you repeatedly lose, showing that you're not getting better at the game in question. He refuted that just...