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    Mash-Up Sculptures Mix Iron Man With Aliens, Gundam and More

    Why does the shield on the Gundam one say "G3" when it's in RX78-2 colors and the (non-canon side material only) G3 was all shades of grey?
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    Poll: So... Assassin's Creed Female protagonist leaked. No Multiplayer. Now do you care?

    No. Victorian London is still the most boring possible setting for a stealth action game, and anyone who thinks otherwise has probably had their view of the place shaped more by fiction that by history. It's done to death as a setting for historical fiction, the most interesting events that...
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    Unlockables in fighting games, yay or nay?

    Characters and stuff for versus mode should all be unlocked from the start. Having to wade through frequently lackluster single-player mode before you can really play properly against other people (which is what pretty much all serious players of the genre focus on) is a pain in the ass and I'm...
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    Zero Punctuation: Axiom Verge & Stealth Inc 2

    No, see, the "-vania" part of "metroidvania" is the bit where they communicate the story in the actual game rather than relying on the player to possess information scattered about in a variety of manuals, magazine articles, and comic books.
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    Fighting Game Mains

    Third Strike: Makoto Blazblue: Nu-13, Tsubaki Guilty Gear: Jam, I-no Under Night In-birth: Orie Skull Girls: Eliza, Squiggly, Fukua (thinking of picking up Robo Fortune when she's more finished) KOF XIII: Athena, Kula, Vice Aquapazza: Tamaki Darkstalkers 3: Lilith Chaos...
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    Zero Punctuation: Bloodborne - Bloodly Dark Souls

    I'll grant Yahtzee that King's Field has a lot in common with the Souls games, but I think Yahtzee is stretching a point to suggest that Armored Core, Otogi, Spriggan, A.C.E., etc. are all the same game. I mean, they released Verdict Day in between Dark Souls and Dark Souls II, so he can't even...
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    Capcom's April Fools' Joke Turns Ace Attorney Characters Into Dogs

    This fails as a joke because Sherlock Hound is an actual show that exists (and isn't even that obscure because of all the famous people who worked on it). It would be better if they had just made them actual dogs in little outfits.
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    New Overwatch Hero Is a Response to Body-Type Diversity Criticism

    I'm fine with anything Blizzard does as long as they never create another brawler, because Death and Return of Superman was a crime against nature.
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    Must have Nintendo Gamecube games?

    Eternal Darkness Paper Mario TTYD Metroid Prime Custom Robo GC Skies of Arcadia Killer 7 MGS: The Twin Snakes
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    Metal Gear Solid V Will be The Last MGS, For Real This Time, Says Kojima

    Considering how much content some of the MGS games have had (how many people didn't even notice that the final story chapters of Peace Walker were in the game?), the thought of even more than that is actually kind of frightening. Hopefully they'll bring back skateboarding.
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    It is worth it to buy a PS3 now? Or should I go with PS4?

    Honestly, PS3 has a lot more in the way of good exclusives at the moment, and you can pick most of them up cheap. I'd say wait to get a PS4 unless there's an exclusive you really, really want.
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    Poll: Does anyone (feminist, gamer, SJW, atheist) really find Fedoras attractive/cool?

    It can work when worn with the proper outfit. No one's going to look like Sam Spade in a T-shirt and jeans. People who just add a cheap one to anything they happen to be wearing just end up looking stupid.
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    Poll: 2014: The year of overhyped duds.

    Watch_Dogs, because it's been making me disappointed in the gaming community since it was announced. None of the trailers, press releases or interviews ever showed or promised anything significantly mechanically different from every gun-based open world game on the market, and yet everyone and...
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    Looking for smaller great games likes of xbla/psn

    Chaos Code is a shockingly fun fighter, despite being super animu. Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon is down to a low price now, and it's great fun. Soldner X2 is a pretty fun shmup with some interesting features. If you liked Ys Origins, I'd recommend you play at least Oath in...
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    Donte from new DMC re-imagined as a bumbling swashbuckling Spanish gentleman.

    Why isn't this an option in literally every game?