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    What's a song you love that has a horrible version of it?

    Y'know why the Quiet Riot one sounds like it does? The singer and the drummer hated the fact that they had to do another cover song (like they did with the song Mama Weer All Crazy Now) and they planned to make it sound as bad as they could make it. OT: While I usually like their music, I'm...
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    What was the worst Level You played in a game

    OT: I always dreaded the Fade part of Origins, it's always so boring for me and always made me want to do the Circle Tower part last. And not that it was the worst, I also had a dislike for Blighttown through my first couple runthroughs of Dark Souls 1.
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    Xbox President Says World Has Changed From Offline to Online

    Ya know, for all the shit Microsoft is doing, I'm willing to bet this console will still sell well. It's a sad state of affairs. :( But I'm not gonna buy something that can fuck me over when my console can't be connected to the internet because my room layout doesn't involve it. What this guy...
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    Saints Row IV Trailer Shows War for Humanity

    I really didn't like 3 all that much, and 4 looks about the same as that. That being said, BENJAMIN MOTHERFUCKING KING IS BACK! I wonder if guys like Donnie will be back too, and hoping for Gat. It really kinda hurts because I really didn't like that Saints Row went full retard, but I can't...
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    Thugs - A Team Rocket RP (Started, accepting sheets)

    Caid wandered around near the back of the pack, actually letting her boy have some breathing room for a change. It was less that she wasn't interested and more that she was actually rather nervous about being in the tower like they were. She was a bit superstitious, and kept thinking that...
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    Thugs - A Team Rocket RP (Started, accepting sheets)

    After a short time scanning the gravestones in quiet, Caid decided that now was as good as any time for sleep. She scoured the town looking for Sandy, who she found in the Pokemon Center, apparently just getting done in the shower. He groaned seeing her coming, but didn't fight when she grabbed...
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    Thugs - A Team Rocket RP (Started, accepting sheets)

    Caid took the time that they had while the Machoke move the boulder very leisurely. Not only did she wander around the almost vacant town with her Ekans draped across her shoulders, but she also had unwilling company of a certain brown-haired boy. She'd decided he'd had enough time to himself...
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    The REALLY Wild Wasteland. (The Fallout RP!)

    Dudley and Ramsey had loaded up what they were given onto the backs of the two motorbikes that he and William had driven to the Citadel. After loading the stuff all up, he sighed after realizing that there wasn't really a spot for the Scribe to be at. After cursing out loud and kicking a nearby...
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    Thugs - A Team Rocket RP (Started, accepting sheets)

    Caid had split off from her little friend, but kept a close eye on where he went to meet up later. He figured he was home free, and he was, for the time being. She split off of from the main group for a quick dash into a nearby empty house, to see what she could get her hands on. After raiding...
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    Wrestling Fans?

    Hi there! I'm a big fan. Part of an E-fed even. :3 I was always a fan, mainly of the old WWF, and by extension ECW. They had my old favorites from WWF in it, such as Raven, the Dudley Boyz, Dreamer, Tazz, and MIKE AWESOME. Although what I probably liked best about it were the tag teams of the...
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    Thugs - A Team Rocket RP (Started, accepting sheets)

    Caid and Sandy got the Pokemon they used in the fight all healed up. None of them were really that harmed, and the Geodude was barely scratched. Caid turned and gave Sandy a big hug, the young man's face turning a bright red. "Heh, that rock'a yers really came in handy lil' guy. He really...
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    Thugs - A Team Rocket RP (Started, accepting sheets)

    Caid's Magnemite was doing quite well for being her least used pokemon. It's metal body was doing a good job absorbing the shocks that it was receiving from the Pikachu and Electabuzz it was bashing itself into. Eventually, it started sending shocks of its own out, extra powered a bit by the...
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    Thugs - A Team Rocket RP (Started, accepting sheets)

    Caid grinned at the sight of the Electabuzz and Pikachu that greeted the team when they got in. She had just the Pokemon to combat them. She threw out her Magnemite and ordered it to just use it's hard body to slam into the electric beasts whenever it could, and absorb whatever electricity it...
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    Thugs - A Team Rocket RP (Started, accepting sheets)

    Caid continued to walk carefully on the rough terrain, snickering to herself as she watched Wex keep stumbling everywhere. "Th' name's Caid. Yers?" She extended one of her greasy hands -the one that wasn't in her pocket- and grinned at him, no quite attempting to intimidate him, but also...
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    Thugs - A Team Rocket RP (Started, accepting sheets)

    "A shock? a Magnemite or somethin'?" Caid had figured something scared him to piss himself, and was now just messing with him.