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    Why Makeb Hits LGBT Players So Hard

    Hmm, the bigotry is strong in this one. To be frank, if Bioware could come up with a compelling enough reason why the Star Wars lore forbids same sex relationships, I'd not care that much. Relationships were pretty pointless in Mass Effect unless you wanted a terrible and vomtastic cutscene...
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    French Armed Robbers Steal Thousands of Copies of Modern Warfare 3

    Sounds like an EA marketing ploy for Battlefield 3. We'll know for sure when the first set of DLC missions includes one where you have to hijack a truck full of mind-control devices that target 8 year olds. Set in France. I can imagine that most of the games will end up on eBay in hopes of...
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    Developer Shrugs Off Controversial Modern Warfare 3 Leak

    Hold the presses. I just thought of a super controversial marketing campaign for their game in December. A live webcast of Bobby Kotick firing live piglets at Jews in Jerusalem, using a penis-shaped cannon mounted on the face of a giant robot Mohammed, all the while blasting Justin Bieber noise...
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    Developer Shrugs Off Controversial Modern Warfare 3 Leak

    Because the rest of the game is interactive I guess, and the powers that be tend to consider things on the whole. Like how Mass Effect is a filthy sex simulator, despite the actual rumpy pumpy taking up a fraction of the entire content. And GTA is a murder simulator when you can spend half of...
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    Developer Shrugs Off Controversial Modern Warfare 3 Leak

    Not the little blind girls, they never saw it coming! =(
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    Accidental Cleanliness Destroys $1.1m Art Installation

    If you didn't know it was an art gallery, you would be excused for thinking that a tornado got in to a fight with several vagrants' makeshift cottages inside a conveniently whitewashed warehouse. It's all thanks to the desperation of some people to find meaning in random piles of things. It's...
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    Developer Shrugs Off Controversial Modern Warfare 3 Leak

    So where do they go from here for MW4? Terrorists nuking a summer camp for mentally handicapped, ethnic minorities with cancer on the day they brought their cute puppies along? Terrorists break in to a German art gallery and mop up all of the contemporary paint stains? Terrorists go on a strike...
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    Accidental Cleanliness Destroys $1.1m Art Installation

    $1.1 for beige paint? Surely he could just pop down to B&Q and buy a small tin of Dulux. Obviously it wouldn't display man's inhumanity towards man in a beige-paint-on-the-floor kind of way, but the poncy twats who think it's worth so much would just pay even more and come up with an equally...
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    Dutch Porn Star Awkwardly Uninvited From Modern Warfare 3 Launch Party

    It's interesting that Activision - of all publishers - would not want to be associated with a porn actress. You'd think she would fit in with a bunch of dicks. Even the macho sausage-fest of Gears of War managed to find a way to put breasts in.
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    Trailers: Lollipop Chainsaw - Halloween Trailer

    I was expecting the announcer to proclaim 'From the creative genius of Russ Meyer: Chainsaw Lollipop!' Dissapointed =( Although I guess she is about 18 cup sizes below his expectations.
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    White shirt cop punches out a female protestor

    Good to see all of those other protesters jumping in to help their comrade in arms by blinding the police officers with camera flashes and twatter posts. What an age we live in. The next step in Occupy Wall Street is going to be getting all the protesters to poop in their hands and throw it on...
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    Diablo III Has Single Player Online

    On an unrelated note, where have you been Mr Young? Will we ever see more of the pixels you have stolen? Back to Diablo 3; I have no comments whatsoever.
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    Trying to get into Doctor Who, failing...

    My suggestion: Don't listen to anyone who is suggesting episodes, watch it from the start (of the new series(es) and keep going. Whilst most episodes are fine as stand alone episodes, some have references in that make little to no sense otherwise. Plus there is a lot of debate on which are the...
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    What have you done to your body?

    When I had it done, within the space of five minutes two people I walked past on the street passed out for no obvious reason. I figured I just had the One ring put in there.
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    What have you done to your body?

    Ask Prince Albert.