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    I'm going to miss you people when the Escapist shuts down.

    I've been lurking and making small posts for a long while. And yeah it's been a bumpy ride, but It has been fun. Several of the names you mention do ring a bell, too. Especially Root. Also, i'm getting a weird feeling lurking in the groups that have stopped working. Kinda...fascinating to...
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    FPS on PC with best feeling/sounding weapons to fire?

    Gotta go with battlefield Bad Company 2. Every other year or so, when I'd reinstall the game, all the sounds in the game just blew me away. Also, i might remember wrong, but Call of Juarez: Gunslinger had a really nice feel to all the weapon sounds.
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    You Now Need to Give Valve Your Telphone Number to Play DoTA 2

    This should help with the smurfing problem people are having recently. Lots of people have been making a lot of noise regarding that recently. Or perhaps that's just a few really loud people, I'm not sure, hah! Perhaps it'll help reducing the toxicity as well. And the same patch is supposed to...
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    #144: Light my Fire

    Boy am i looking forward to the next panels/episodes/pages/whatnot. Getting hyped as heck! And great to see I'm not the only one getting a certain Cabin-in-The-Woods-scene feeling. Also, ouch, poor Rad. But yeah, this stuff is absolutely wonderful, great work!
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    Who here misses The Escapist's Magazine format and old content?

    Indeed those were nice times. But yeh, it all fell apart unfortunately, and as others have already said, i seriously doubt it'll ever be back to those glory days. Not really sure why i keep coming back, i guess mostly nostalgia and such. Habits die hard i guess, haha!
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    #116: Just the Healer

    Well that mage is pretty darn adorable alright. Christ i almost had an heart attack when we had that panel that looked like she was about to get hit.
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    #112: Aftermath

    Well that is pretty brutal indeed. And god i love this series. And now , it's even more amazing how often these come out. Great stuff, great stuff.
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    #105: Mighty Steed

    That is quite the ride indeed. Was not expecting it to be honest.
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    Poll: So...Milestones, then.

    That is quite the sick number indeed, pretty amazing! Not gonna lie, the 50k goal seems pretty hardcore. But who knows, we shall see.
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging The Beatles White Album

    Not what i was expecting, at all. Lovely, very lovely, and slightly disturbing too. Overall, a very solid video, 10/10, and all that.
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    Natural 20: Honor Among Goblins

    Ah yes, railroading. Good fun. As a pretty new DM, i try to not do that, but I'm pretty sure i fail pretty often. Great vid, as always.
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    Natural 20: Diplomatic Immunities

    A pretty interesting character indeed. And the end got me good. Great stuff, very great stuff.
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    Natural 20: Alara's Arrival

    That was pretty lovely, made me laugh and all. Especially the "send out the halfling" part, really caught me off-guard, made me laugh hard. Seems like a pretty nice show, I'll be looking forward to future episodes!
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    Here Is Your First Fallout 4 Trailer

    I mean, i want to play it, but it does look a whole bunch like fallout 3. I was hoping for a bigger graphical upgrade, but I'm still looking forward to it quite a lot! And this might mean i can actually run in on my pc. And that would be downright lovely. I think. Either way, looking forward...
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    A Competitive DoTA 2 Match Lasted Over Three Hours

    I don't really watch that much pro Dota 2, but i stumbled upon that game after it had gone on for 15 minutes or so. I thought, hey I'll just watch this before i go and have something to eat, surely it'll end soon. Boy was i wrong. But it was damn entertaining to watch.