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    The Hurt Foot Locker

    Shoelaces my friend. Tie them together for a quick and blissful escape.
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    Worst lines of dialogue you've heard?

    I love how your avatar perfectly compliments this. Mine would be ... Nick Cage in the shitty 'Wicker Man' remake,pretty much everything he says. "How'd it get burned!? HOW'D IT GET BURNED, HOW'D IT GET BURNED!!?"
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    Fable Legends Announced As Xbox One Exclusive

    If there is no single player, I will probably never buy this game. It's looking that way from the screenshots too. (Click on the chicken in the picture frame to see them.) Looks like a pretty game though.
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    Your first "mature" game.

    Hmm, let me see. I'll go with the first 18 rated game I bought. Dead Rising. Bought it on a special offer with Oblivion.Never really got very far in it, far too difficult for me then. Was really surprised I was actually allowed it. My parents had never let me buy an 18 before that, particularly...
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    Poll: Your opinion on facial hair.

    Beards look good on me. I love having one; the look, the feel, the different options I have in styling my face. I feel manly with one. My girlfriend prefers me with a beard (as long as I style it), so I always have one now.
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    Strange movies to make you cry

    Braveheart of course, as a proud Scot. Quite a few of the scenes, but mostly it's at the end of the film when the Scots charge at Bannockburn. Toy Story 3, you know what bit. Warrior, again, you know the bit at the end. And yes to various battle scenes in LOTR. The Thin Red Line...
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    Most disappointed sequel?

    Fable 3 of course. Why Lionhead, WHY!!!??? Looking forward to a good sequel now Molyneux's left. Halo 4: disappointing as hell. Hitman Absolution: took all the fun out of the series.
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    How close are you to your stereotype?

    Well I'm Scottish. I own two kilts, regularly enjoy haggis and I play the bagpipes. I'm also stocky with an inexplicable ginger beard (I have brown hair, My inner Scot shines through my chin).
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    If you could have any fictional vehicle, what would it be?

    Only this... Doubles as a sleeping bag.
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    Poll: Assassins Creed 4! Already?

    So it appears Ubisoft have announced a pirate themed Assassins Creed 4 recently, called 'Black Flag'. What are your thoughts guys? I personally can't wait for the numerous naval battles bound to take centre stage in this sequel...
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    Games that have lost their way

    Fable. Surprised this hasn't been mentioned. I love the Fable series, they got me into gaming. However, they diverged from fun and original to repetitive and designed to be a game for the whole family to enjoy. Ugh. I still enjoy the first two but the third one is shockingly bad. They've lost...
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    Weird quirks you have?

    Brushes. I can't stand them. There's something about them, the look, the sound, that sends a shiver down my spine. Similar to hearing nails on a chalkboard (which I'm ironically just fine with). It means I have to have an electric toothbrush so the sensation doesn't seem too much like...
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    What have you been playing lately?

    Nothing. :( Because my xbox is at uni and I have essays to write. But soon I will be playing Halo 4 for the first time. Then the dlc of Fallout New Vegas, which I bought reduced in the GOTY edition. Then some Skyrim, Ass Creed III, maybe some Dishonoured. So much to look forward to. Just...
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    Describe your last visit to the bathroom.

    I had a shower, but only washed my hair, as the water fluctuates between temperatures akin to 'the fires of Hell' and 'Arctic.' Then I brushed my teeth, and flossed them. And yeah, that was it. Now I'm off to bed.
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    A question to those who have at some point been punched in the face.

    Been punched in the face once, by a good friend of mine at school. So we were walking down the street and I was saying something irritating, over and over again (can't remember what), and he said, 'If you say that one more time I'm going to punch you in the face.' So I said it once more...