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    What does your birthday mean to you?

    It doesn't mean much to me. As I get older I actually don't like it much. I'd like to do something to celebrate though. It's an excuse for fun, and it's nice to be the centre of attention. Unfortunately what keeps happening is I fail to plan anything then spend the day itself desperately...
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    Escapist, what is your level of athleticism?

    I'm a sloth. Most of my exercise is walking. All of my fun happens sitting down.
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    Did a Hyrule Warriors Art Book Reveal a Female Link? - Update

    I'd buy that as DLC. All cower before the might of Linkle's ABSOLUTE TERRITORY!
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    Fable 3 is a hated game?

    Here's a thread I made when it first came out: It's a bit poorly written, but in each section you can see comparisons to how everything is strictly less or less varied than previous games, and how the added...
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    Manga and anime that're big in Japan

    You. I like you. The sad thing is even if they make Fate/Stay Night the best possible, it still won't be as good as Fate/Zero. For example, Fate/Zero is the story of masters fighting over goals. Fate/Stay Night is the story of watching Shirou. Shirou can be good, but even then it's still just...
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: The Dark Syde

    I'm so glad that shitting on DSP is now an industry wide pass time.
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    Final Fantasy XIII - What's Your Opinion On Characters?

    Unlike a lot of others, I didn't dislike them. They just didn't do much with them. One of Lightning's most interesting features, actually using her rank's abilities to use mana electricity, exists for all of five minutes in the beginning. I actually really like the themes of the game, but...
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    Favorite Anime Opening and Endings

    I saw that upload of Azumanga Daioh's Opening and was like "Is it? It is! It's the weirdo opening on youtube where someone edited in anti-vaccine propaganda!"
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    why do people say dating your teacher is wrong? we got married last year and its fantastique

    I feel like I'm reading the posts of a NSFW, master-servant roleplay Tumblr blog. You seriously don't sound mature enough to even understand this situation.
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    Can you recommend an anime for a non-anime lover?

    Death Note is usually what I poke people with. Although despite all response being "that was great", it didn't seem to be a sticking point for them. I suppose they assumed they'd watched the one exception that proves the rule. If they'd had continued I'd recommend Code Geass to follow up, as...
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    What kind of let's plays do you like to watch?

    I enjoy quite a few styles. Informative. Jokes about what's going on. Outright having a conversation about something else (although in most cases this works better for multiplayer). Talking about life stories (which really only seems to work if you're old and experience, rather than young and...
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    Common skills you can't do.

    I struggle to enjoy reading a book. I read tons of things every day. I'm good at it. But I've only ever bought and read an entire book by choice once. And it was only 180 pages long, and I read it in under 24 hours. Having breaks between reading seems to ruin my motivation and I forget...
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    If you could choose any name, who would you be right now?

    The amazing gamer president pimp king contortionist playwrite the mighty XxzzLe3TShn1PZZZZssx the Third. Nah man, but since my name is Jonathan and I enjoy unique names, I probably would end up with something worth a punch. Part of the problem is what makes names such a humble label is that...
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    My daughter is named Tali'Zorah. I suppose I'm crazy : )

    As someone called Jonathan, I assure you that having a common name does not cure you of stupid teasing revolving it. Although, the difference is they most likely weren't teasing me because of my name. They just found a way to incorporate it. Kids will mock anything if they want to. This is...
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    Poll: Is your partner also your best friend?

    Of course it's risky, but it's definitely what I'd want. I couldn't imagine a romantic relationship with someone I couldn't call a very close friend. Ideally my partner should be my favourite person. I think it's weird to not want that, but understandable, as long as it being high risk isn't...