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    There's no killing in Sam & Max! ..much to the chagrin of Sam and Max. That poor, neglected Luger.
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    What Warhammer 40k Army Should I Use?

    Space Marines are always a solid choice. However, for your bikes, might I suggest land speeders instead? They can be geared to hunt tanks very effectively, with the variant that allows a second heavy weapon mounted on the bottom (sorry, haven't played Marines in years, don't remember the...
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    Rally round the family. Anonymous takes down Monsanto site!

    So, to sort of take the side of Monsanto for a moment... How does a company that is in the business of selling "specialized" seeds stay in business if it's simply "One and done", allowing farmers to replant their crops without needing to go back to the parent company for seeds? If you don't...
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    the great war is upon us (american only)

    Probably Western Empire, since, you know, they make all our food. Since if our government's collapsed, so has the international economy for the most part, the Western Empire also pretty much has the bulk of our industry. Unless the Republic of the West Coast can win a war by throwing memory...
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    Zero Punctuation: Fear 2

    Yes, I was referring to "The Longest Journey" series in general, so yeah, the actual game would be Dreamfall that had the cliff hanger. The Longest Journey itself didn't end on a cliff hanger, if it was left alone, it would've been fine, I think.
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    Zero Punctuation: Fear 2

    Complaining about games that had cliff hangers for sequels that have no confirmation of getting made and he puts Beyond Good and Evil instead of The Longest Journey? Guess he never played the latter. And doesn't Beyond Good and Evil sorta-kinda-maybe have an announced sequel?
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    So... you're blaming a retailer for an error in the factory's packaging? Jack Thompson's been disbarred... he can probably only afford to live in someone's closet.
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    Sony President Says Xbox 360 Lacks "Longevity"

    Isn't Sony still debating axing the Playstation line because of massive revenue loss? (One product line on a good list of Sony products that are under threat of the axe, anyway)
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    Mob Kills Wal-Mart Employee, Keeps Shopping

    As a Long Island resident (granted, about halfway down the island, not next to NYC), all I have to say is it's gotta be a Wal-Mart thing. Me and my brothers went to the Black Friday opening Friday at a Best Buy to get my cousin a computer, and while there was probably 500 people there, there...
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    Biggest game-related disappointment of the year?

    I'm curious, what's so bad in the PSN (assuming that's the Playstation networking bit) EULA? Don't have a PS3 and I'd just like to know what's been put in beyond every other one that has people peeved.
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    You Favorite and Least favorite ending to a game?

    I keep noticing Bad Company to keep being on people's bad lists. Am I the only person to realize that it was just making fun of all the war games and movies? The storyline was great fun and the ending was perfect. Worst game ending for me? Star Ocean 3. Best... Sam and Max, Season 2.
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    Most pointless character in a game

    Wasn't he one of the designers?
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    Self-rightous ads...

    I think it all comes down to the lawsuits -- it all started going downhill (to my memory) when that woman sued McDonalds for spilling coffee on herself "because it was hot" and didn't say so, that essentially due to asinine lawsuits, we have to be treated like children now. But more generally...
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    Poll: Half Life RTS?

    So why does everyone assume an RTS has to have base building and resource gathering? Like Mathias said, go a Myth route. You've a group of resistance fighters (anywhere from 5 - 50 or so), and you maneuver them throughout the city/wilderness fighting combine and zombies. There's no reason...
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    Poll: Sidekicks...dead useful or dead weight?

    "When you die, wait up for me, Little Buddy." "Hahahahaha.. .oh Sam... When I die, I'm taking you with me!" Some games couldn't exist without the sidekick.