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    In Brightest Day

    It's pretty obvious that the Spectre won't make an appearance but considering one of the Green Lanterns becomes the Spectre do you believe they will go into that at all? EDIT: I wish they used the 2nd Green Lanterns personality, I was already deeply annoyed with the character and it was only...
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    Your favourite forum punctuation?

    I dig semi-colons, you can use twice as many as colons.
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    11-Year-Old's Mario Collection Bigger Than Mushroom Kingdom

    HAH I have two things he doesn't... The game collection was really impressive.
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    What helps YOU go to sleep?

    Being naked and rotating 180 degrees.
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    Zero Punctuation: Transformers: War for Cybertron

    How the hell did it get a "9" on IGN?
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    Game Stash: Microsoft?s Missed Opportunity

    No I agree that MS is wise not to deal with us comp users, we're picky bastards. But the post above me argued that MS DOES still care about comp users, which you seem to agree with.
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    Poll: TV vs PC: which couldn't you live without?

    My computer can do everything my TV can and more...
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    Game Stash: Microsoft?s Missed Opportunity

    And to reward the developers that made these fine games, well they shut them down, but I'm sure MS still cares about us.
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    Escape to the Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

    I AM interested, but I don't like Micheal Cera as an actor I feel most things he's in fall flat. Except Arrested Development of course.
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    Question of the Day, August 5, 2010

    Although both kinda giggle at the idea of privacy, Facebook giggles louder. I would go with Google.
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    Film These Heroes!

    [b/]BY THE HOARY HORDES OF HOGGOTH![/b] I fully approve of Doctor Strange... except they HAVE mad movies of him. They weren't great. So wouldn't that effect marvel's ability to make a Doctor Strange?
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    Poll: Forum moderators: Unfair?

    Eh, like every regime they sometimes have their bouts of... um... dickery I guess is the best way to put it. It got really bad about a year ago but as of right now, they seem to be doing a bang up job.
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    Creepy Compliments

    I accidentally blurted that someone had nice feet... or maybe adorable toes. In my defense, the conversation was boring and I was zoning, and staring at the floor.
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    Michael Jackson Estate Forces Removal of Plant-Eating Zombie

    Yes, how dare Micheal Jackson's relatives not want to see him depicted as a brain eating zombie... I personally wouldn't care but their point isn't exactly hard to see. Although I don't know why they decided now was a good time to complain about it.
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    Escape to the Movies: Comic-Con 2010

    How much shit needs to blow up in Whedons face due to his own lack of talent before we can put him in the same hole as Shamalayan? I'd guess I'd be willing to let Whedon ruin Avengers if it gets him out of the business. [b/]THE SUGAR CUBE THAT BOB APPARENTLY WANTS YOU ALL TO GOOGLE IS THE...