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    Rocket league has no right to be what it is

    I love the game! Played Super Sonic Aerobatic Rocket-powered Battle Cars alot on PS3 and this is even more fun. THe first game had alot more crazy maps and the devs have said tha tthey want to add more crazy maps over time (for free). It has 3 million downloads so far so the promotion...
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    REPORT: "Game Length = Dick Length" says The Order: 1886 Developer

    Its' disturbing how many people actually believes this is real. Anyway... It seems most people who actually bought and played The order loved it. While the the internet warriors who never played it complains about how bad it is.
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    Will this be the most boring generation yet?

    I play more games than ever thanks to the new gen. Lots of great games already on PS4, barely play on my PC anymore. What games were considered "killer aps" last gen? Can't think of any except Last of us and it was released just at the end of last gen.
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    Poll: Why are Devs trying to turn games into movies?

    I don't like open world games so devs should stop making open world games. The next Fallout or Elder scrolls game should be 8 hour cinematic games or I will rage about it on the internet... Open world games are just made by lazy devs who make alot of filler content for the masses to waste...
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    Poll: Why are Devs trying to turn games into movies?

    Why can't there be different games for different tastes? Does all games have to be open world, 100 hour games with lots of filler and grinding? The Order is one of the best games I have played in the last 5 years. I wish there were more games like this made but all we this is theese boring...
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    Recommend me a game with a great story

    There is probably a lot of people who will say this too - Planescape torment. Gameplay not that great but the story is in a league of it's own. Fantasy but not generic Tolkien fantasy.
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    Poll: Which should I get: Wii U or PS Vita?

    The Vita have a huge library of great games even though they are not releasing any new western AAA games on it. If you love Nintendo games get a Wii U. I don't see the point if you don't like plattformers. Not many games releasing for Wii U. The Vita has action games like Uncharted...
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    2015: What games are you looking forward to?

    So it is predestined fail just because you don't like third person shooters? Makes sense! I'm looking forward to The order: 1886 No mans sky Grim fandango HD
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    Poll: 2014: The year of overhyped duds.

    2014 was a great year and not disappointing at all. Maybe for people who overhype stuff like crazy. I'm actually impressed that all the big publishers relased big games with new IPs (Titanfall, Watchdogs and Destiny) and the were all good and big risks for their publishers. It's hard to...
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    Minecraft on the PS4, good or bad?

    I think the maps are much bigger on the new-gen consoles.
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    Poll: Which should I get Or Xbox

    I guess it dependson what kind of games you like and then look at the exclusives. They are pretty similar even though I think ps4 is better for me. The touch pad is not a problem, never had any issues with it. I also like the speaker in the ps4 controller. It adds a cool effect in games...
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    Will the Nintendo doomsaying ever end?

    1. Where does the 710 000 consoles come from? In october it was around 68k... 2. Like I said, 1 big game: Zelda. Are any of the other games going to sell any significant number of consoles?
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    Will the Nintendo doomsaying ever end?

    Where is all this doom? Seems to be only in the head of Nintendo fans. The Wii U is selling like crap and people question if Nintendo is really capable of making a great console again and maybe should focus on third party instead. Some rave about how great games Wii U got. Yea it got 3...
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    Let's talk about Pix the Cat

    I haven't even played nostalgia mode yet! Most of the time I play laboratory since it's perfect on the Vita while commuting. I also tried the deathmatch mode on PS4 with my girlfriend but that was a bad idea. ;) On the other hand, Spelunky which is also free on ps+ is one of the most fun...
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    Let's talk about Pix the Cat

    Yea, it's great! I like how ps+ is pushing indie games that most people would miss. Pix the cat is better than 90% of all the AAA games released this year.