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    8-year old starves herself to death

    Er yeah, I was going for one of those "looks-like-she-lived-in-a-third-world-country" similes or whatever. Sorry if I offended anyone (Ethiopia just came to mind because I remember hearing about them experiencing alot of devastating droughts there). Anyway, there seems to be alot of...
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    8-year old starves herself to death ....Didn't anyone explain to her that her teeth would grow back? I got all of my baby-teeth pulled and I WAS pretty traumatized (even when I'm only at the orthodontists I tend to hold my breathe till I nearly pass out because...
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    Classic film moments ruined by logic

    That movie had alot of 'But that doesn't make any sense...' moments. Like that one guy who died because he got shoved through a pane of glass. The only way a person could die from that would be if the pane of glass had been dropped on them....from 20+ stories up.
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    Victorian Bushfires: 209 recorded dead

    When I was 7 I knew not to mess with fire. I also knew that if I did somehow start one, that I needed to call 911 right away. Seriously, did this kid not want to save his own house atleast? This is absolutely horrific and my heart goes out to the people who lost their homes and loved ones. I...
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    Am I Going to Die?

    Ever swam near someone who can't swim well? imagine my surprise when I was swimming in the adult section of a public pool and was suddenly grabbed from behind and shoved underwater until my feet hit the bottom because some kid who had atleast 80+ pounds on me decided to STAND ON MY SHOULDERS to...
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    Why do parents let there kids watch this stuff. (Rant)

    You think Nickelodeon is bad? have you seen half the stuff on Treehouse?? their motto is, "Try it, you'll like it!" Most shameless drug pushers I've ever seen.
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    187: Parents Just Don't Understand

    My mom thinks Zelda is horrifically violent.
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    Girl dies in sledge crash.

    Huh, I have a friend whose British and she said that Britain tends to only get rain during the winter season...
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    16 year old girl runs away to meet a guy she met on XBL home safe

    "She must be a recent patient to craniel drill intrusions" The first bit of evidence supporting this theory being the fact that she ran away to mexico to become a FEMALE BOXING CHAMPION (everybody knows that if you runaway to mexico, MASKED WRESTLING is the sport of choice, like duh).
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    The Customer Is Always Wrong

    Once, I had a lady who wanted to return an electric pencil sharpener that was 'defective' and exchange it for a new one. While I was helping her find a new one, she told me that this was the 4rth 'defective' sharpener her and her husband had had to return in the last 2 weeks. When she...
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    16 year old girl runs away to meet a guy she met on XBL home safe

    This girl is obviously spoiled rotten. I mean, how else could a 16 year old girl afford an Xbox 360, her own computer, and a f*cking plane ticket to mexico!?.