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    ZombiU Proves Unprofitable, Sequel Seems Unlikely

    Then why the hell did they tell us they were already working on a sequel weeks back?
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    Escapist Podcast: 098: Multiplayer or Singleplayer

    When I was saying there was a fight, I wasn't referring to the Escapist Podcast. Outside of one brief bit months back where Susan and Greg sort of ripped on games like Bioshock 2 for their multiplayer, I've always found the Podcast to be rather balanced (at least when it comes to games). I'm...
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    No Right Answer: America's Greatest Obsession Ever

    Yeah, sadly I was -really- expecting an off the wall take on this. I love what they did and I agree with a number of their points... but I was hoping for a really absurd one.
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    Escapist Podcast: 098: Multiplayer or Singleplayer

    I realize I'm saying this before even watching, and will edit upon watching if I have any reason to, but -- WHY do multiplayer and singleplayer HAVE to be EXCLUSIVE? I hate this mentality everyone has that multiplayer and singleplayer can't be in the same product and/or that one of them is...
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    Wolfenstein's Hardest Difficulty Will Make You Cry Blood

    When you've been sitting on the sideline for over five years, watching something you enjoy getting mocked and treated like something evil, lets see you be keen about someone bieng down on it. Stating it like it's fact. Rachet & Clank: Deadlocked was one of the most popular Rachet & Clank...
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    Wolfenstein's Hardest Difficulty Will Make You Cry Blood

    It's a valid complaint if it actually applies to anything to do with the singleplayer. In Bioshock 2's case, it had an entirely separate developer (Digital Extremes -- Warframe, darkSector, Homefront multiplayer), and the reason it didn't do as well was because of a forced rewrite a year into...
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    Unskippable: BioShock Infinite

    Indeed! I demand it! OT: Well, it was nice of you guys to get it out early but um... seemed a little lacking in material (which I can hardly blame you for, it's Bioshock Infinite, most of the mockable parts are towards the latter parts of the game). How about you try something like Fuse? Hell...
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    Wolfenstein's Hardest Difficulty Will Make You Cry Blood

    I realize I'm harping on something a bit off topic but FFS I am tired of everyone complaining the second a game has a multiplayer mode and/or acting like its Christmas because a multiplayer mode is cut or abandoned. I mean it, I'm so fucking tired of it. Bioshock 2's multiplayer on PS3 doesn't...
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    John McAfee Snorts Bath Salts, Uninstalls McAfee Anti-Virus

    ...the fuck did I just watch? And was the transformation into looking like Max Payne 3's Max Payne intentional or just a pure coincidence in similar aesthetics?
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    Gunpoint Recouped Its Development Costs in 64 Seconds

    I'm sorry but where is your experience as an indie game developer? Or any kind of game developer? You talk like as if you're all knowing but I'm failing to see how you actually prove your point. If you couldn't make a game on a shoestring or non-existent budget, then why bring up Minecraft? That...
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    Dark Matter Imagines a Modern Day Metroid

    So Alan Wake by way of Deadlight? So long as it's better than Deadlight, I hope it does well.
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    The Big Picture: Man of Tomorrow

    Hmm, interesting. But really, as much as it might not be for most people, that explanation makes enough sense to me, TBH. I mean, sure, some things you're averse to from the beginning, but if Superman deals with the fallout of his actions (while still we finally getting some levity), that...
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    Steel Diver Resurfaces As Nintendo's First Free-To-Play Effort

    ...Nintendo, are you seriously trolling F2P games with one of your worst rated mobile games of all time?
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    Star Wars: Battlefront In Good Hands At DICE, Claims EA

    ...but it's being done by an entirely separate studio? I mean, yeah, still reason for concern but it isn't DICE in Europe, it's DICE LA, an entirely new studio.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront In Good Hands At DICE, Claims EA

    Except... what if that's -not- what we want? I can't speak for everyone but... I don't want a Battlefield Star Wars mod. We have that. It's called First Strike. It's for BF2142. I want a Battlefront sequel -- something that updates the gameplay so it actually has things like physics, intelligent...