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    Escapist News Wrap: Cyborg Future and My Little Pony Game Closed

    Well I guess I could do a nasty rant about how you've repeatedly gotten the name of Ohio University [] is a major insult to both schools. Unless those responsible are from the state of/alumni of the University of Michigan, in which case the obligatory remarks about Ann Arbor...
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    Escape to the Movies: Rise of the Guardians

    We're this far into the comments and Sluggy Freelance [] hasn't been mentioned yet? I am disappoint
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    G4 Cancels Videogame Programming

    Nono, that would be the final years of TechTV, and it was AWESOME!
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    G4 Cancels Videogame Programming

    What little I saw before the hostile takeover of TechTV, made it seem that they were going after the MTV crowd, which turned me off to the channel almost entirely. It also saddened me greatly when they trashed TechTV, as that was my favorite channel at that point in time.
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    The Big Picture: The Prophesy of Freakazoid

    As much as I like this series, I really hope that the Candlejack ending doesn't mean that this series will end up like The Game Over...
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    Moviebob's Re-Tales

    I must say that more of these would be most welcome. You also could have mentioned to the father that if his son were of age and went to an animecon dressed as Tuxedo Mask or some of the villains, he was pretty much guaranteed to get laid back then.
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    No Right Answer: Best Standup Comedian Ever

    If you want to get an actual feel for Carlin, then I'd recommend finding his old shows in their entirety (for this reason we may all praise Netlfix...), I'd personally rank him near the top simply because the man managed to stay funny for so damn long, and managed to change his act to "keep with...
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    Feed Dump: Facebook Girlfriend

    So you get Molestia by combining Celestia and Kathleen eh?
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    Diablo 3 Review

    There are challenge achievements for beating each act in under an hour. However, it took me about 16-18 hours to reach [NameRedacted] and then another hour to kill [Redacted] because my Daemon Hunter kept getting cheap shot chained.
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    No Right Answer: Best Time Machine Ever Part II

    No mention of Klingon Bird of Prey? I am disappoint
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    Journey of Jesus Punches Out Diablo

    There at least was some bashing about the real money auction house. Also, the server problems at launch were bad enough that I gave up after 1.5 hours and went to bed, which could lead to bashing if said problem was widespread.
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    My Little Name Game

    So Lee Lee, which pony is best pony?
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    Adam Sessler Leaves G4

    Yeah, you obviously didn't get what he was saying. If you went to watch the thing that you ***** about, instead of the thing you say you want to see made, THEN DON'T ***** ABOUT IT. He brought it up again and again because he could point to it and go "I went over this already, we're not going...
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    EA Wins Title of "Worst Company in America"

    Have you forgotten the class action lawsuit against EA regarding the price of games in the Madden franchise and the other sports where they have purchased an exclusivity license?
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    LoadingReadyRun: Some Kind of Geek

    I hate to say this, but I'm a little too similar to Matt's character here, with my obsession with various sports.