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    Poll: What will you be buying in November?

    Revelations, BF3 and MW3 (in some order) or Arkham City if the rest bomb in the reviews
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    CERN Scientists Capture Antimatter For Record 16 Minutes

    Now to work out how to get it to power the starship Enterprise...
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    How is your week?

    Monday: Study leave, supposedly revising heavily for Tuesday: History AS exam on Italy 1896-1940 (which went quite well), didn't do any real revision for Wednesday: Core 1 Maths (the easiest exam in the world), more serious revision for Thursday: History AS exam on Churchill 1922-45 (which is...
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    What would you ride into battle?

    An elephant on top of a tiger on top of a bear on top of a lion on top of a zebra on top of a great dane on top of a cat on top of a gerbil. Or perhaps the Beast of Craggy Island ( Of course, in real life it's turtles all the way down...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Back It Up

    Great video as usual. "Computer Broken" "Afraid So" "You Have a Backup Right?" If only real error messages were so forthright, actually telling you what's wrong without you needing a dictionary of error report codes
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    Poll: Whats Your Favorite Day of the Week?

    "Very handy, a Thursday. Keeps Wednesday and Friday from colliding." - therefore Thursday is the best day (it also has the prospect of weekend awesomeness without the inevitable disappointment that comes with the realisation that nothing interesting's going to happen)
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    What is your favorite Quote?

    "Television ? a medium. So called because it is neither rare nor well done." ? Ernie Kovacs "There is still no cure for the common birthday." ? John Glenn
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    For the Call of Duty player.

    MW2: Barrett .50 Cal (Thermal, FMJ), G18 (Akimbo, FMJ), Flashbangs, Semtex - Bling Pro, Stopping Power Pro, Commando Pro
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    Your Birthday.

    15th of September - Battle of Britain Day, International Day of Democracy Birthday of: Tommy Lee Jones, William Taft, Agatha Christie Happenings: Darwin reached the Galapagos, first battlefield use of tanks, Lehman Brothers went bankrupt
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    Ezio: "Salute, Claudia."

    "Seven minutes. Seven minutes is all I can spare to play with you."
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    Which Language Do You Wish You Spoke?

    Japanese, Russian, Danish, Dutch or Linear A/B (for teh lulz)
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    Why do you fear death?

    I had a teacher who once said in assembly "I do not fear death, only brain death". That he taught German and had a slight lisp made it even more ridiculous and hilarious.
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    You are going to fight to the death. Pick 3 people to fight by your side?

    Spock (wins through logic) Kurosaki Ichigo (wins through plothax) Suzumiya Haruhi (omnipotence ftw)
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    What's the Deadliest Thing Currently Within Your Reach?

    A bread knife and scissors are there, but even they fall far behind the true weapon in my vicinity - my copy of "Collins Advanced Science - Physics" - that badboy is near on 700 pages, and weighs several kilos - you could do someone some serious damage with that