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    Can you pass the US citizenship test?

    30) The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S. Constitution. Name one of the writers. B) Jay Leno. lol. Edit: 47) What is one promise you make when you become a United States citizen? D. give up loyalty to other countries ...hmm. Got 86%
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    Why is "My Little Pony" so popular?

    Quite. This is why I don't get into forums. Either I don't have an opnion or I share the opnion as everyone else. It's a good show, strong characterization, and the brony community sends me gold bricks covered in chocolate everyday.
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    The protagonist of the last game you played wants too have sex with you.

    That would be my female courier from Fallout: New Vegas. Strange. I've written her as a man-hater, lesbian, and she has a face that looks like it was hit by a shovel. Should I jump at the opportunity? Not... sure.
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    Student Exposes My Little Pony's Faulty Science

    Love it. Your heart.
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    Games you regret to have bought ?

    Crazy Taxi (PC version)- Nostalgia did nothing to distract me from the horrible controls. Bit.Trip series (PC version)- Barely play them. Metal Slug Chronology- Impulse buy. Haven't touched it in months. Bubsy 3D- Though it would be good for a laugh, hearing it was one of the worst...
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    The Big Picture: Skin Deep

    The ponies distracted me. I honestly forgot his whole point and examples once he brought up that picture. I'm seriously disappointed in myself. I hope I can be forgiven.
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    Why. Can't I. Stop Watching?

    This video has ponies. This one does not.
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    GLaDOS Origin Story Told in Full Portal 2 Comic

    I like the art. Reminds me a bit of Ralph Steadman.
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    Escape to the Movies: Your Highness

    Oh my god. OH MY GOD. Moviebob TOTALLY brought up Lou Ferrigno's Hercules. And to make things better he brought up the 'space bear' sequence. I saw this film on Cinemax years ago with a friend and we just laughed our asses off. MovieBob is now, like, 20% cooler. Fuck that, he's 200% cooler.
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    Trailers: Duke Nukem Forever: History of Duke Nukem

    I like to hear more about this story; really do. I would like to see a full-length documentary on the "Duke Nukem Forever" story because it just sounds like a great tale in gaming lore, regardless of what the game would be in the end. They can interview Yahtzee regarding his popular parody review.
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    Team Fortress 2 Gamers Raise $300,000 For Japan

    For me, it was more of a settlement. I've never been big on donating to things, being a cheap schmuck. (I don't have a lot of money either) If I really want to think about it, donating just for a hat doesn't help that image. But I do feel good for donating nonetheless. I get a warm...
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    Volition Asks Saints Row Fans to Prove Fart-In-A-Jar Desire

    I really don't care. It sounds really silly, but this is also the series that lets you summon dead supporting characters as homies. Whatever they wanna do, as long as I get to play Saints Row 3.
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    Escape to the Movies: Rango

    MovieBob just sold "Drive Angry" for me. If it's still around in a couple weeks, I'll go see it.
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    Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist Church on Live Talk Show

    This woman scares me. I'm disgusted that she calls herself a human being.
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    Looking for an anime, can you help?

    Gory, eh? Like some people have mentioned, Baccano! is quite violent and gory. One character covers himself in blood and acts nutty for the rest of the series, and one hitman character acts like a less-than-subtle version of Mr. Blond from Reservoir Dogs. Yeah, it's not a very subtle series...