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    Worst movie you ever saw?

    Dragon Wars. THERE WASN'T ANY DRAGONS UNTIL THE VERY END OF THE FRICKIN MOVIE. COME ON. Also there was this scene where a dude gets tasered and his friends just leave him in the street. Amazing.
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    GDC 2009: Nintendo Announces New Zelda DS Game

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    Games you enjoyed but shouldn't have.

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    Griefing - Is it OK?

    Only if it's creative! If you grief your own team in a really innovative and funny way, I probably won't get mad.
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    DS Commercials

    I have to say that DS commercials are sort of brilliant. Nothing like a popular girl celebrity playing Mario between shooting their television show to peak the interest of girls who wouldn't normally game. Of course, it's been mostly mainstream (usually) casual games. But, just the other...
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    I hate this light. I hate it so much, I want to scream. I really, really do. What light do you like?

    I remember those! My suggestion is to never use it and buy your own lamps or hang a towel/blanket over the light so it's not so harsh. I've tried both; it works!
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    I have a very irrational dislike of microwaves

    Not to make your fear worse, but my grandpa helped build microwaves and when I was a baby he wouldn't let my high chair be next to it because of radiation. I'm sure that's all cleared up now, though.
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    Most Tragic Television Cancellation?

    Arrested Development. Hands. Down.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Nina Simone - Rich Girl (Hall & Oates cover)
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    Something for the pokenerds

    WIN. He's a poke-futon.
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    Girls and Pity

    If they start laughing RIGHT after talking to you, then it's probably pity...
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    How Much Caffeine Would Kill You?

    I do know that 100 cups of coffee will make you a god.
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    Poll: Who makes the best games?

    This thread made me realize I'm a valve fangirl :[
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    Something for the pokenerds

    Eevee or Pikachu. Except, I'd let the Eevee evolve, but nneeevvveerrrr Pikachu.
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    Your Pokemon Story!

    It always makes me laugh, but I remember one of my friends asking me if I heard about some new thing called ~Pokemon~ right when the show just started to air. From there I played the games...had a Pikachu step counter. The whole deal >_>