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    Zero Punctuation: Next Gen Buyer's Guide

    Been a while since I've thought Yahtzee is absolutely right. I really, really want Bayonetta 2, that is my only interest in the next console generation since they all seem to have started a dickwaving contest before any of them have anything to actually show.
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    A Resident Evil thr-NO WAIT COME BACK! I have questions!

    Since when did bad graphics, outdated design choices and simplistic level design stop being criticisms?
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    Poll: Are you playing Guild Wars 2 or Mists of Pandaria?

    True but most people are perfectly happy to pay to be beta testers for the longevity of an MMO it seems so I don't have to worry about that.
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    Poll: Are you playing Guild Wars 2 or Mists of Pandaria?

    WoW. There's no point buying an MMO on launch because it could die within a month and you've wasted your money.
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    Those random phrases people say in Pokemon.

    Top fucking percentage.
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    Worst/Most Difficult Tutorials

    Bayonetta's tutorial on Normal teaches you the basic mechanics of the game. Bayonetta's tutorial on the highest difficulty teaches you that life is unfair and often painful. "Do 3 torture attacks!" Eh no problem... wait... why are you spawning in fucking Gracious and Glorious? Demon's...
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    Need advice about Dark Souls

    Well since this is a recorded playthrough that means we can set conditions right? Hmm what's a good one for Sif... eh other than pissing off the Forest covenant there's not really much and even that only adds like 5 enemies. Do a zero damage run. I'd also suggest the armour. It probably won't...
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    League of Legends Honors Well-Behaved Players

    When you report someone for being bad at the game it even has a little message under the report window basically saying "We will ignore this report, you're wasting your time filling it in". Think they only put it in so that people would stop using other sections and making them go through chatlogs.
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    Woman Demands Royalties on Destroyed Jesus Fresco

    Huh on one hand she's an idiot and I hope she fails but on the other she does have a point. The church isn't taking donations, they're actually charging a fee to see a work they have no claim to.
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    What do so few gay gamers play FPS games?

    Eh I just have no interest in them. Too reaction focussed, games where you need to be giving your full attention constantly need an overall length of about 30-45 minutes not 5-10 hours. Too draining otherwise.
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    Old but gold - what are you playing?

    Does Persona 4 count as old? If so, that, if not Spellbreaker. Seriously one of these days I will get around to actually completing that game. :(
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    Getting people into First Person Shooters.

    Portal is pretty much the best start I can think of. It's that mix of platformer gameplay with shooter controls so it's pretty much the best you can go to if you've been playing loads of Mario. I don't think someone who has no interest in the genre would have any reason to forgive 20 year...
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    Okami HD Release Date Revealed

    Huh just as I was considering picking it up. Always been meaning to get around to playing that.
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    Dark Souls isn't hard, IT'S TEDIOUS!

    Yeah you can but you're sure as hell not supposed to as far as the designers intended so it's not fake difficulty that they're so disproportionately tough. I don't think it makes sense that having easy enemies is fake difficulty either, of course the first area isn't going to throw anything too...
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    Dark Souls isn't hard, IT'S TEDIOUS!

    You can't take on a self-imposed challenge like fighting every black knight as soon as you see it then complain that the game is full of fake difficulty. None of them are in areas you have to go to, you choose to fight them that early on.