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    Jimquisition: Shadiness of Mordor

    The sad thing is that such a video could probably take over half an hour, I've only watched about two hours of the game across a handful of videos and livestreams and found plenty of material that contradicted the lore almost every step of the way. It's not so much a Middle-earth game as a...
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    Supporting The Supports

    While it's perfectly fine to prefer Tic-tac-toe over chess or checkers, as all three genuinely are fun games in their own rights, but some people really like it when a game has such near infinite depth that they can still find new things to learn after years of play. Tastes differ, and that's a...
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    EA Pixelates Pirated Copies of The Sims 4

    You know, I love the early SVGA/486 era feel that filter gives, I'd buy the game in a heartbeat if they put it into the legal version. That is -amazing-.
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    Sony Announces Female Spider-Man Spin-Off

    I'd rather have them quit while they're ahead, if this bombs it'll basically be the end of ever seeing regular superheroine films because movie company executives will just point to this one and say "It doesn't work".
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    SDCC 2014: Dawn of Justice's Wonder Woman Revealed

    Hugh Jackman went out of his way to go through training to get ripped enough to convincingly be Wolverine, I don't see why she can't do the same to be a convincing Diana. At the very least ever since Gail Simone's Wonder Woman run in the mid-late 2000s (if not sooner), Diana's had a strong and...
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    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Releasing Early

    I'm sure the devs are ever so grateful they have to get everything done in a week less than originally scheduled.
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    League of Legends "A New Dawn" Cinematic Features New And Old

    That part of LoL lore always seemed skeevy to me. They're telling us that the most elite of LoL's world need to be directly, completely mind controlled in order to be any good in a battle? You're telling me that Demacia's crown prince would let himself be crowd controlled rather than do his own...
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    Marvel Reveals Film Release Schedule Through 2019

    A Miss Marvel or She-Hulk film would be pretty amazing if you ask me. They could even do Spider-Woman as she falls outside of the Sony deal.
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    Sony Reveals Limited Edition "Frozen" PS4

    She only stops running because she was stopped in her tracks, not because she had any intention of stopping evading her issues and her own messes. Big difference. Elsa is -not- someone you want your daughters to look up to. She literally, physically hurt her twice in the course of potentially...
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    Sony Reveals Limited Edition "Frozen" PS4

    Well, if you want the long version, there's an extensive essay on it here []. The short version is that Elsa nor Anna are not characters you'd want your daughters to look up to. Both are showing signs of...
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    Bioware Receives Cupcakes as a Thank You for Female Inquisitor

    They should take the cupcakes away again for the fact that most every woman shown in trailers so far walks with enormous hip swaying. But hey, one step at a time I guess.
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    Sony Reveals Limited Edition "Frozen" PS4

    Oh sure, make a special PS4 out of one Disney's most problematic films in recent years why won't you...
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    From Valiant Hearts' Mixed Messages to Games Beyond Industry

    I don't think the author of the Valiant Hearts critique has an issue with the story having lighter moments as much as ~how~ they're handled. Seeing as historical accuracy gets left in the dust the moment the tone needs to pick up, while there most assuredly were lighter moments in the real war...
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    Quality Assurance - Has Valve Said Anything?

    Well, false advertising is another matter entirely. A bad game is free to be sold if it doesn't pretend to be more than it is. But enhanced screenshots (like with the WarZ)or bragging about features that aren't there aren't acceptable by any stretch of the imagination. And yeah, pretty sure...
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    Quality Assurance - Has Valve Said Anything?

    Well, "work" is a pretty broad concept, if the game runs and you don't crash to desktop the moment you try to do anything the game technically "works". Whether or not it crashes to desktop fives minutes in is another issue all together but games with far more reputable publishers and far larger...