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    Jimquisition: Objectification And... Men?

    Thank fuck for Jim Sterling. Another great Jimquisition episode. Hooray!
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    BioWare Explains Why There's No Homosexuality in Mass Effect 2

    Too bad really, since they had same sex relationships in Dragon Age, as so many already pointed out. Kinda weird to have it there and not in Mass Effect 2. But maybe because they were lazy, hee hee! Besides, if it supposed to be "my" story, as Shepard, then why do this to the story I'm...
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    174: What if the Player is Black?

    What about Raven from Tekken-series? He is an exception I think. A black ninja. Say what yuou will about Namco and Tekken-series, but they at least think out of the box in this perspective. Usually ninjas have been from Japan (which is completely logical, I won't argue) or some caucasian male...