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    Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill Origins

    I kind of want them to remake the first Silent Hill, (just to update the graphics a little even though I still want to have grotesque pixelated sex with it) but I am afraid they're going to leave that to American companies who have no idea what the fuck they're doing... and then before you know...
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    Mature Content

    Exactly, FunkyJ.
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    By what sign will we know (video) gaming is mainstream and 'normal'?

    I guess it kind of is already. Or at least it needs to be more acceptable that I, a female gamer have loved games since my early childhood days, yet I still wear a skirt everyday (in other words gaming needs to be seen as something that's not solely a masculine sport).
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    "In fact, women like shooters, as long as they have a story."

    I am a female/woman gamer and I like the same games that guys do. It's not like we're a different animal or something. We just have that extra branch you guys are missing on that so-called "Y" chromosome (plus we lack the attached "SRY" gene which causes the testes to descend...). ...
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    New York Times: Most game-sale restricting laws get shut down

    That is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. It's wonderful but at the same time things like this need to be gradually introduced to a child, like how you shouldn't bathe in ice water.. especially if you have a high fever. It shocks the system and the body (the child's mind) will cease...
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    Who's playing Persona 3? If you aren't, you should be.

    I'm still trying to find time to play the first Persona. And yes, Shin Megami Tensei games are the shit.
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    The War on The War on Violent Videogames

    If a violent video game causes someone to kill or harm another being or his/her property, they were most likely screwed-up to begin with anyway, and if they're a little kid who decides to play one of these games, then it's the stupid parent's fault. And I'm not loving the over-extensive use...
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    Why play video games?

    Because it's better than life. Or because you are easily bored. Or both.
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    Video games: a form of art??

    True art? Or the Virgin Mary made out of Poo, art? Because I believe it can both. True Art: Silent Hill, ICO, FF7, Alter Ego Poo Art: Manhunt and other games that are just made to shock people and scream "look at me!" like a five-year old with ADHD.
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    Favorite VG music?

    ICO, Silent Hill, FF7, Chrono Trigger, absolutely.
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    Zero Punctuation: Console Rundown

    "Game with actual depth" = I LOVE that SILENT HILL 2 was subtly put there! Makes me feel RANDY. But sometimes Randy doesn't want to be felt. Or velvet. Excuse me, I think I broke something.
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    Zero Punctuation: Heavenly Sword and Other Stuff

    Heavenly Sword looks insanely stupid (almost as insane and as stupid as I am *duhurr*) in so many ways. Unless the comment about lesbian cunnilingus is true... What? I have to admit, that I never got through RE:4, because I got so frustrated with the camera angle flaws and not being able to...
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    Games That Deserve Sequels

    Alter Ego (1986). It was a controversial game of the DOS days, and I'd love to see an up-to date sequel, which in my opinion would be like Princess Maker 2, mating with Oblivion (possibly GTA IV as a grandparent). Orgasmic? Insane? Indeed.
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    Zero Punctuation: Psychonauts

    SEX... as in playing it seems to be akin to the aforementioned activity. (bwahaha >;D)
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    Zero Punctuation: Tomb Raider Anniversary

    Of course the reason why they remade it is so that pubescent boys can see Lara's grotesquely gravity-defying rack... in 3D (as in more than the old "Madonna" 3-polys per tit). I've always wondered why she didn't use her breasts as a weapon in the first game.