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    Escape to the Movies: Gangster Squad

    Seriously bob, liking a stallone movie but no gangster squad? It's like you don't want anybody's respect. I think your a hack now. Go do something else.
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    What Was What in Avengers

    thought it was a skrull. he looked red not purple to me.
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    Zero Punctuation: Twisted Metal

    My tutor worked on Wargasm. It sucked.
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    What did you do on your 18th?

    house party. got so wasted i projectile vomited the next morning.
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    Your Stupidest Moment in Gaming

    i nuked myself on civ 5
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    Hmm? Infamous 2 demo? Let me give it a go :D

    the boss was pathetic, i just mashed the rockets and it was dead in about 10 seconds, no lol.
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    Feed Dump: Mullet Bandit and the Blondes

    is'nt this phail haus?
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    Designer Admits Hellgate: London Was Too Ambitious

    am i the only one who liked that game?
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    Anthony Saves The World: Episode 1.1: Victory Points

    not remotely interesting
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    Crytek Working on Fixing Crysis 2 Demo

    i always have full connection but on the kill cam im actualy miles away from the person im hitting.
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    Poll: Is Xbox 360 done?

    so a console that is currently having the most sales in on its way out....just be quiet please.
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    Poll: Worst things about MW2

    spazzing oout when you get shot. the game excells at being crap.
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    Poll: Fallout 3 - Are you EVIL?

    im evil but thats only coz ive stole so much to make money, all my choices were made on how it would benefit me.
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    The Last Guardian Confirmed for Tokyo Game Show

    mass effect 3? 2 only came oout a few months ago calm down. and i still cant understand why people are excited for this, it got best trailer and crap from game trailers but its just a big pile of crap its a glowing boy doing nothing and a terribly renderd creature thing spacking about, how the...
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    PS3 "Must haves"?

    uncharteds, heavy rain, infamous, heavenly sword, killzone 2, ones to avoid are resistance coz its a bag of ballz, motorstorm coz its a bag of ballz and little big planet coz its the biggest bag of ballz.