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    The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

    I had a friend who worked for Microsoft in the Xbox Live dev department. He left because the people there honestly believed that "content push" (see adds) was what the consumer wanted.
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    Zero Punctuation: Spec Ops: The Line

    I finished this game about 30 minutes before watching this and damn he basically said exactly how i feel. I feel depressed now, that game was amazing but depressing.
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    The Big Picture: Mutants and Masses

    you seem to be getting most of your info from second hand sources and the name of the group as opposed to the group.
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    The Missing Link DLC Dated and Priced

    wtf? this better be a 10 hour dlc to justify the cost of 1/4 of the full game i better get 1/4 of the main games playtime. Same problem I have with all dlc.
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    New Rig

    alright I'm only going to be running it at 1080p anyway so its not like its gonna need to get those huge resolutions. also this machine is ready to assemble and install windows right away right?
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    New Rig

    My biggest concern is will the 570 run bf3 on max? edit: also I'm looking to run stuff at 1080p will that make a difference between the 6970 and 570?
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    New Rig

    NVidia it is after watching the mirrors edge comparison. and the metro 2033 comparison.
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    New Rig

    what are the current benefits of ati vs nvidia. last time i built a machine i remember nvidea was waaay better than ati this was 4 or 5 years ago though.
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    New Rig

    Edit: double post MOD PLEASE DELETE THIS POST
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    New Rig

    I was hoping to have it for battlefield 3 but if the tech is gonna jump in a month or two then i think i might hold off. is there a date for the bulldozer and 7000 series and the 2700k? or are these foggy over the horizon things?
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    New Rig

    first that case is awsome looking second how is the heat sink that comes with the i7-2600k?
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    New Rig

    its a gaming rig and what do you mean nifty developments?
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    New Rig

    I'm looking to build a new rig for about $1500 I want to make it i7 based. but aside from that I havn't been keeping up with hardware and need a hand figuring out what components to get.
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    Xbox LIVE Is Hitching A Ride With Windows 8 to Your PC

    The entire world wide community of windows IT techs would like to say FUCK YOU MICROSOFT for html 5. fuck html its going to be a ***** to deal with the trouble shooting for older apps.
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    Air Force Officer Says Death Star Was a Bad Investment

    the full article is a good read and funnily enough he advocates all the points of Software Engineering when he is talking about weapon development.