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    Going back to being just plain, normal gamers.

    Sometimes checking this website is like opening a door to the past, I swear. Y'know, no-one is making you care about diversity and that. If you don't want to care, if you just want to play games, do that. This is what I have never bought about the whole argument. If it truly doesn't matter...
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    Poll: Marriage - What is it Good For? (Absolutely Nothing! Huh! Yeah!)

    1. No, but I'm engaged and I don't really believe in marriage. I'm looking forward to having all my family around and a sweet cake, but that's mostly it. The act of getting married won't change anything for me. (Oh, actually, boyfriend and I got our FF14 characters married on Saturday so I'm...
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    How the hell did Game of Thrones get its 'OMG Anyone Could Die' reputation?

    A lot of people thought Ned was safe because he was the "main character". I think that's the thing I heard the most after he died, "But he was the main character!" Mostly I think it's that and the Red Wedding which cemented the reputation.
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    The Social/Cultural Ramifications of one Sex losing a significant portion of their power/purpose?

    I was mostly kidding earlier, I pop in occasionally to lurk every now and again and to see how far the site has been eaten by spambots. But still, I think the last time I actually engaged with the Escapist the Paragon thread of the day was something like "Hey maybe those rape-farms in Gears of...
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    The Social/Cultural Ramifications of one Sex losing a significant portion of their power/purpose?

    Oh wow I've not been on the Escapist for ages I wonder what- Nope.
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    Poll: How Often Do You Wash Your Towels?

    Can't tell if I'm weird or if you're all weird. Towel gets used and then goes in the wash.
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    Poll: Why do you post on these forums?

    I mean, generally I don't but I sometimes poke around out of a mix of morbid curiosity and nostalgia. It mean, my life has changed loads since I first started posting here and I find it interesting to see how things have changed, and how they've stayed the same.
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    So Valve is not your friend, according to Polygon.

    Ok... so ... obviously I've missed a lot because I generally don't know what you're on about. I'm sure there's probably reasons to legitimately dislike them but I was mostly surprised by the hostility. I generally just stop going to websites I don't like. Also maybe it's just me but it seems...
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    So Valve is not your friend, according to Polygon.

    A corporation isn't my friend? Say it ain't so! Also, it's weird how some people like really hate some pretty harmless and bland websites like Polygon and Kotaku, or is this like an "ethics" thing that I'm just not getting? I dunno. I tend not to get angry about things like that.
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    Your age and your thoughts

    Eeeyup, since I made that post I have gotten officially engaged. When I told my mother that I was engaged (after congratulating me) she told me that now people were going to meddle even more and everyone was going to have an opinion on when and how I should get married. I was like "Nooo there's...
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    Poll: Vote on our backup forum!

    Agh, I came in to make this exact reference. Yeah, I'll just stop going to forums if/when this place stops being a thing. I joined up because I was very ill and literally couldn't go outside so I was going nuts from boredom, but that's not the case any more and hasn't been for a good long...
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    So that whole "female main characters don't sell" bullshit

    Yeah but I'm not saying dudes can't get disinterested in a game due to the gender of the lead, if you don't wanna play as a girl then that's fine. I'm saying it's less likely to put dudes off entering gaming that a couple games have female protags but women are more likely to be put off because...
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    So that whole "female main characters don't sell" bullshit

    I didn't say play less, I said stop playing. I think more female protagonists would help some women into games and I don't think it would scare dudes off of playing games. I think that makes perfect sense. Also the joke was that I've played games literally forever and there's never been that...
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    So that whole "female main characters don't sell" bullshit

    Mmmm, this. I don't think we're going to see a massive increase in female protagonists, but they're not going anywhere either. It'd be nice if publishers would invest more in games with female protagonists, as I think the female audience for games is only increasing and that's likely to help...
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    Controversial Tropes vs. Women in Video Games Series Comes to an End

    Honestly it's been years and the level of hate is still quite surprising to me. I mean, what does being hateful about this get anyone? Does it achieve anything? Do people enjoy being hateful about something that doesn't affect them at all? It certainly doesn't affect, oh, I don't know-...