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    Poll: Ugh, zombies

    Zombies have over-saturated the media a bit too much for these past few years, which really makes it harder to find and actually appreciate zombie fiction that is well done. I have recently come across a manga called I Am a Hero, which provides a great alternate interpretation of your...
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    The Last of Us: Left Behind (and why it's totally pointless) SPOILERS!!!

    I found that the DLC helped to reinforce Joel's decision at the end of the main game. Riley made the same decision as Joel, she didn't want to sacrifice what she had (her time with Ellie, no matter how fleeting it would be) just for some off-chance that it might benefit someone else. There are...
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    Space Opera Anime

    Recently I have discovered a rather old space opera anime by the name of Legend of Galactic Heroes, a slightly obscure classic ova, which has proved quite interesting. It has a wide variety of intelligent characters, realistic conflicts, epic space battles, a rich backstory, and this unique...
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    Biggest WTF endings in games

    I didn't feel like Reach relied on the expanded universe at all and was more of a self contained story, save for the fact that there were Spartan III's (which didn't even really follow the Ghost of Onyx description). That whole maguffin that chief got is pretty silly in hindsight, but ,like I...
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    Biggest WTF endings in games

    Assassin's Creed 3 definitely has the worst bad WTF ending I can remember. The first two had good WTF ending that shocked me (mildly surprised me might better describe it) and got me excited for the next game, AC3 had the opposite effect. After the incredibly frustrating entirety of the game the...
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    Best Artifical Intelligence Character

    Yes, Chamebro is awesome. One of the few AIs that
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    Left 4 Dead 3 counter. Do you think this is legitimate or not?

    Like the past 50 or so count down sites pertaining to anything valve related, this will not be real. I doubt Valve would ever use such a blatant count down to announce a game, it would either have to be a normal announcement at a gaming event with a lot of press or some deeply hidden ARG if they...
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    Those little details in films/books/games/etc that you just can't help but wonder about.

    Technically it is followed up on in one of the first scenes of the first episode, but that's the only mentioning of it.
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    Those little details in films/books/games/etc that you just can't help but wonder about.

    Well, they lived in Republic City a newly founded city-state meant to bring all cultures and nations together, but I assume they would get citizenship to whatever nation they were born in. Legend of Korra is it nearly as good as The Last Airbender, but I think its still well worth the watch and...
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    Those little details in films/books/games/etc that you just can't help but wonder about.

    Its completely genetic. In the Legend of Korra series the two male leads are a firebender and an earthbender who are brothers. Their parents were of each bending ability, so its safe to say that the dominant element is completely random.
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    The Very Last of Us

    I found Ellie to be much more fragile since my playstyle was: sneak, get found, isolate the enemy, close the distance then bash their face in to conserve ammo/look badass. With Ellie open melee combat was impossible without being grabbed as you try and cut them with that little dinky knife. I'd...
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    Past meets Future, but what does it think?

    "You're all backwards thinking fucktards, whose society is a crumbling mess of hypocrisy without morals. You completely disappoint us in every way, except for that one thing you have that is actually pretty fucking cool." That is the reaction of any point in past, present, or future human...