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    The US should probably consider banning hate speech like the rest of the free world. I feel that this should prove to be a good read for those of you that are interested.
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    Jimquisition: National Kirby Day

    I am surprised that Jim didn't mention Kirby's occasional ability to turn himself into a neutron bomb, and bring about a horrific end to all life on the screen. Or where he boils his enemies alive, before turning them into food.
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    Dragons: Slay or befriend?

    Uh... Wouldn't it be pretty difficult to befriend a dragon? Even if we assume it is metallic, it would STILL be notoriously haughty. If it didn't see you as a threat, it would most likely view you as an irritating moron, not worth its time or further thought. You know, with dragons thinking...
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    When does Demon's Souls start getting hard?

    Don't worry. 2-2 and 3-2 have fairly fun bosses, and if you let your guard down, you can be steamrolled pretty quickly. 3-3 can either be pretty easy, or a tense battle to the death. 4-2 is a somewhat irritating level in places. As for the boss, some people hate it, others don't seem to...
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    What are you addicted to?

    Carbonated beverages (preferably with a good dose of caffeine in it), assembling and painting Warmachine / Hordes models (even though I don't tend to play the actual game very often...), getting mad on the internet, and Disgaea 4.
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    If the internet had a final boss, who or what would it be?

    The Final Boss of the Internet, you ask? A Grammar and Spelling Test. Heaven or Hell, let's rock.
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    Poll: Physical or Emotional Pain?

    I listened to a professor tell me about the time he was hit by a driver that had fallen asleep at the wheel. He was sitting on the back of his truck, parked, and well off the road. She swerved off the road, ran over the highway guard rail (which he believes ended up saving his life), and...
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    Transformed into the last animal you touched.

    I guess I now get to experience the terribly exciting daily life of a barklouse. I have waited many years for this very moment, let me assure you.
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    Scar is the villianiest villian to ever villain up the joint.

    Skull Master, from Mighty Max, was pretty evil. In fact... Someone went and made a video of quite a few of his evil deeds. Spoilers for a lot of episodes, and the ending.
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    Shoot People For Free In Planetside 2

    Although I am still skeptical about the whole F2P/Freemium idea (and I am especially worried about the "dynamic skill tree" bit... I hope it is just a fancy way of saying "the first game's old Certification system"), I'm just really, REALLY hoping that PlanetSide 2 lives up to my memory of the...
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    Poll: Is LoL's community really that bad?

    I have yet to play one, single game of LoL that didn't involve some five-star bitching and asshole-ism. Hell, I remember one game when I played fairly well, but in a way that was a little unusual for my champion. No sooner than the "VICTORY" screen pops up, a teammate slams me for being "the...
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    Xbox And PS3, Living Together In Harmony

    For shame. How could you all have forgotten the Yoshi Box, and the improved Yoshi Box?
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    The Most Immoral Thing You've Done in a Video Game

    Neverwinter Nights, Shadows of the Undrentide. Rescued a baby, decided to keep the baby for myself, killed the mother when she attacked to reclaim the baby, and selling the baby into slavery to Red Wizards in town. Can you say in-store discount?
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    Hacker Group: "This is the beginning of the end for Sony", promises more hacks soon

    I can see it now. The hackers were paid off by Jack Thompson and his fellows, to incite nerd-rage, which in turn he could attempt to use as "evidence" that playing video games makes people more violent. Well, it's a good thing that we didn- ... Well played, Mr. Thompson. Well played...
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    Poll: Is Kickball too Dangerous?

    In other news, US politicians will be holding another hearing about what can be done to curb childhood obesity...