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    Why make a montage?

    to show your friends how super leet you are at CoD whether that means the fish or the FPS I'll never know
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    What do you call MW2?

    Bobby Kotick's Controversial Cash grab! Either that or Modern Warfare 2, because you know, that's what it's called and stuff. lengthier coorm
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    Minecraft and the Escapist

    To be honest the first time I ever heard of Minecraft was on the TF2 blog and since then it exploded.
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    So Ronery - The gamer with no friends

    Racing simulators :(
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    Web Browser issues FTW!!!!!! I mean FTL!!!!!!!

    Go with Chrome. Effective immediately. Remove IE from your computer.
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    A leak trailer for Counter strike 2 (and new engine)

    Nice try but you'll have to come up with something more believable than that.
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    Are you a completionist?

    It depends. I refuse to try and 100% Just cause 2, however I have completed 100% of DiRT 2 including achievements. (Not the multi-player ones, though, they don't count as real achievements) othelpi process
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    No female characters in Brink? I AM DISAPPOINT

    You do realize they actually gave a technical answer to this, right? They said it had to do with the animation bone structures, meaning it would require they make different animations for the female characters (AKA a shitload more time, money, and effort) and seeing as they're like 2 years...
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    Poll: "Ignorance is bliss"

    I wouldn't be happy if I was ignorant of seatbelts... So I guess it depends.
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    Poll: Should PC joypad users be able to use auto-aim in on-line FPS games?

    No. Far too easy to abuse. just use some really really foreign mouse drivers and it will think it's a joypad, and you now receive the best of both worlds. Besides that, mouse and keyboard is better anyways. Man up and use them!
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    Poll: Firefly

    it should be required watching if you want to be an IT specialist
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    Mix 2 TF2 Classes

    a minigun with sniper rifle accuracy obviously
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    Is the 9/11 Pokemon offensive?

    I'm not horribly offended but that's definitely something they should of double-checked before they released. I somehow doubt Pokemon did this because they are horrible people and wanted to piss off an entire country. 1.) "You American's" Besides being grammatically incorrect, (not...
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    Which game villain is the most evil?

    10 year olds in call of duty
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    Poll: PS3 now or PC later?

    This happens to be the most difficult choice of all time. It all really boils down to: Little Big Planet or Minecraft