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    So. 90 days til Skyrim launches. What will you do first?

    I'm going to be doing an LP with two good friends of mine co-commentating. Happy times will abound.
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    Poll: Freddy Krueger as the fourth dlc kombatant in MK9, yay or nay?

    Wait, what? Seriously? This makes no sense. None at all.
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    Critical Miss: They Brought Him to the Castle to Die...

    I would totally play that game. :|
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    Terraria Review

    It was really fun for me while it lasted (about 70 hours) but I can't really bring myself to keep playing it... kinda burned myself out on accident.
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    People whose names that seem there parents didn't think over

    My dad used to work with a woman named Angel. She was a carpenter.
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    When was the last time you teared up in a game?

    The "ending"? Or the actual bit that caused the credits to roll? As for me, I'd have to say RDR as well, and for me it was the "ending". I refuse to say what actually happens for the fear that someone who is playing RDR currently isn't there yet... I couldn't live with myself if I spoiled...
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    So which actor do you want to see Bethesda kill off in the first 30 minutes of Skyrim?

    God damn ninja... I'd like to see Nolan North as well, but only if the sound he makes when he dies is just, "BREH," and then he crumples over into that awkward death rag doll pose that happened in the beginning of Oblivion. You know, the one where they just kind of drop to their knees and fall...
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    What happens when i put my Username into Google Image Search?????

    A picture of me from a few years ago... if I remember correctly I was 11. Man... I miss that shirt.
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    Stupidest Reason Why You've Gotten Into Trouble In School.

    When I was in Pre-School I was put on time out for not falling asleep immediately at nap time. The teacher put me in a separate room where there were no windows or lights, where I had to stare at a wall for an hour. I was 5 fucking years old, and horribly afraid of the dark. The next day I...
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    Most Beautiful Video Game Location?

    The area of Hell where you get to use the Big Boner in Shadows of the Damned. Just a bunch of neon signs, with every single one having something to do with demon strip clubs.
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    The best way to make someone believe you've gone insane.

    When in the company of someone else just ignore them and talk to yourself of nonsense as fast as you can without slipping up. It'll work. Trust me. And for added effect, if they end up yelling to get your attention just scream back at them, 'WHAT?' and while they're talking to you stare...
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    So, what are you reading right now?

    My English teacher told me I'd be reading it my Senior year, but I don't know if I can wait that long. :|
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    So, what are you reading right now?

    Nothing currently, but I really want to pick up a copy of 'Lord of the Flies'.
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    Where do you think WW3 will start?

    Underwater. No one expects the fish...
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    Witnessing death.

    Either one or two years ago (14 at the time) I watched a new born kitten die slowly on my porch. The saddest thing I've seen so far in my life. Probably cried for more than an hour. If I were in your position I'd probably be frozen on the spot if I saw that happen, and I'd probably go insane...