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    8 Video Games That Are Better Than The Movies They're Based On

    I noticed that you have a photo of the XBLA title 'the Warriors Street Brawl' there. Shame that wasn't the game you were talking about.
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    EU VAT Changes and Digital Distribution

    For price jumps, it depends which state you're in. If Steam indeed charges a flat 15% from Luxembourg, that's only an increase of 5% to UK customers (our VAT rate is 20%), which on a £30 game (hardly the average price for something that sells on Steam) is about £1.50 extra. For anyone living...
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    EU VAT Changes and Digital Distribution

    Comment by user Skapusniak, from my similar thread on the RPS forum - "Prices may go up some on Steam/Origin/Uplay/iOS App Store etc., but the big effect is going to be on small indies who sell stuff outside the big platforms, or have a button on their web-site for buying directly from them...
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    EU VAT Changes and Digital Distribution

    True, but it seems like the consequences will be passed on to the consumer; I mean, I would hope that doing so would lead to absolutely toxic publicity - basically admitting to tax dodging and charging to compensate for having to pay more tax. "Speaking to Develop, Harbottle and Lewis lawyer...
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    Looking to See if This Sort of Game Exists

    Zafehouse Diaries sort of sounds like that, but it's pretty much entirely text based. I quite like it, but I can see the problem of having no visual feedback. Other than that...Project Zomboid sounds similar. There's a demo on Steam.
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    EU VAT Changes and Digital Distribution

    So it is. Fixed it. The changes are designed to close that tax loophole of paying less VAT for international business in certain member states (Amazon and Steam in Luxembourg with that 15%). I would hope that a price hike would be viewed as toxic publicity, though I'm not worried about...
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    EU VAT Changes and Digital Distribution

    I think the decider is going to be what Paypal decides to do. People who do business through a third party aren't going to be so troubled, as it'll be the third party's responsibility to deal with the VAT charges and give royalties back to their client - as for small businesses there is a...
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    EU VAT Changes and Digital Distribution So, here's a thing that I learned of only today, 3 days before it comes into effect in the UK, just wondering how you chaps think this'll affect digital distribution, seeing as that's extremely...
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    Resident Evil Zero May be Getting a HD Remaster

    It's basically on the same engine as REmake. What do you expect?
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    Poll: Which should I get: Wii U or PS Vita?

    It's a shame that the Vita is only digitally backwards compatible, rather than physical; mainly because PSP games aren't expensive to pick up; but they trump Nintendo in available back catalogue. I would hope that Nintendo do eventually pick up on this, despite both of their current consoles...
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    Why did you join the forums?

    Don't know really, first forum I came across. Lately I don't like it any more, I find the people to be generally hyperbolic (I'm British, we don't like passion here!) and quite the opposite of the kind of people I like listening to. Also I'm not into what I might gracefully describe as...
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    Jupiter Mining Corporation ship Red Dwarf

    Back to Earth was far too self-aware for my liking; as for Red Dwarf X, I'm sure it was actually good but the audience laughter was a bit much to not annoy me. I personally wouldn't want to see another, similar show; because it'd just end up measuring itself against Red Dwarf - which is kind...
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    Poll: Which should I get: Wii U or PS Vita?

    For physical titles, WiiU seems like a better prospect, but only if you're into what they're putting out, downloadable it's not picking up as much as the Vita seems to be; and seemingly Sony didn't have to build the 'downloadable titles from previous consoles' service from the ground up again...
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    Things you like in video games others might find weird

    The sound of footsteps on snow in Penumbra Overture remains the most specific thing that has ever impressed me in a game.
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    8 Great Gifts For the Non-Nerd In Your Life

    Know what we 'non-nerds' really like? Not having to be surrounded by trite regurgitations of pop culture into novelty trinkets that lose their appeal after five minutes.