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    Escape to the Movies: Kingsman: The Secret Service - Can Lightning Strike Again?

    I'm out too. Between all of the content loss and the sad turn that gamer culture has taken, I'm just plain over The Escapist.
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    Feed Dump: Knife Time! there any GOOD video content left on The Escapist? They seem to have been shedding talent like crazy for the past year.
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    Zero Punctuation: Spec Ops: The Line

    I have never laughed this hard at a fart joke in my life. Bravo.
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    Force A Teen Girl To Swordfight, Go To Jail

    Heh, NOBODY in the SCA can be accused of taking things too seriously.
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    Dragons Are Coming To Minecraft

    And we're that much closer to The Elder Scrolls: Minecraft!
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    Notch Tweaking Minecraft's Endermen

    I picked the worst update to start building a minecart railroad. Every morning there are holes in my tracks and ender pearls laying around. Mmm hmm.
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    Superman Quits America, Fox News Readers Take the News Badly

    If it upsets FOX News, it can't be all that bad.
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    Dead Island: The Best Zombie Game Trailer Ever

    That definitely hit the gamer-generation-is-reaching-the-parenting-age button nicely.
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    Over Gaming

    Now Timmy, is this accompanied with thoughts about girls? You and I need to have a talk. And yes, there's supposed to be hair down there.
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    Grab the thing to the LEFT of you and defend yourself!

    A ballpoint pen. Look out!
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    I Hit It With My Axe: Episode One: Meet the Party

    Uhhh, yeah. Picked out of hat one: "...playing D&D". Picked out of hat two: "...Adult film performers".
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    On Nazis

    The ideas of DLC for gore and nudity harkens back to the old "blood code" from the console version of Mortal Kombat. In order to see blood and fatalities, you had to hit a sequence of buttons on the Genesis controller. Very clever.
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    Escape to the Movies: New Moon

    One of my testicles fell off just from watching the footage that went along with this review.
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    224: Behind the Counter at GameStop

    So, I have one question after having read your article: Can I reserve Battletoads for the Wii? :)
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    Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein

    I won't disagree with you, never. And Yahtzee, your take was so clever. It's a worn out genre That we're forced to play This could be your best review ever.