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    Worst Scam Attempt Experiances

    Happened 2 weeks ago, my parents were planning their vacation and they found some new resort that was opening this summer. They sent me a link and I found it weird that the pictures showed customers even though the resort wasn't open yet. So I checked the billing and saw that the payment had to...
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    Videogame characters you share your name with.

    My name is Mihai, it's a traditional Romanian name and the only instance where I found my name in a game was in Gothic II, behind Sekob's farm there is a crypt and on a grave outside there's the name MIHAI, and yes it is in ALL CAPS.
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    Game you've enjoyed most this year

    Greetings! I was just wondering, what do you guys think was the most enjoyable game released this year? My pick : Legend of Grimrock, only game I've played in a while where I was actually scared when I saw an enemy and where I actually had to plan ahead and switch tacics.
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    Poll: Why does everyone hate ME3 so badly?

    It's the internet. Everyone hates everything by anyone.
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    Poll: Assassin's Creed III : Will there be butthurt ?

    Okay, so the setting for the new Assassin's Creed game had been revealed, and although at first I wasn't too psyched about the idea of playing during the American revolution because I was rooting for Japan (NINJAS vs SAMURAI FTW), after seeing what they had done with it I could kind of see where...
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    You are proclaimed "Evil Overlord of Earth", what do you do first?

    Put a ban on internal organs.
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    Why don't YOU have Skyrim?

    Same engine, better visuals, even the animations are the same. I hate the feel Bethesda games have, the controls are all over the place and I just HATE the melee combat.
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    You first "**** This" Moment in Gaming

    God of War, the first one, Challenges of the Gods. Only time I threw a controller.
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    The many breeds of hater, which one are you?

    I'm a golden age cynical snob. Nuff' said.
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    So Escapist users, how did you discover your favourite band?

    An interview Slash gave a while back lead me to Rory Gallagher and I never looked back.
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    Recommend an anime: more difficult

    Depends on what you're looking for, I personally hate anime like Death Note and Naruto, too much emo bulls*it, I can't really enjoy a show when the characters have the personality of a dirtrag. So on that note, I'd recommend Trigun and Cowboy Bebop, they're both one season long, and the...
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    Worst Game Ending?

    KotOR 2 wasn't that bad, it's just that they tried to hard with the ending, the first one had a twist ending and they wanted the sequel to have the same impact, it was a little convoluted but overall it was good.
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    Poll: The show the escapist couldn't survive without

    I can imagine Yahtzee is watching this thread and going "Excellent".