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    What Nintendo's E3 2015 Digital Event Taught Us

    What I learned from the conference was that people don't pay attention when they said that they were only showing games that were coming out this year or early next. I do wish some of the other stuff they were showing on Treehouse or on the Youtube channel were on the conference, but they'll...
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    WildStar Goes Free-to-play

    No, that was Guild Wars 2.
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    Will Half-Life 3 Outlive Public Interest Because of Development Time?

    I'd just be happy with resolving the massive cliff-hanger Episode 2 left on.
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    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Dev 2K Australia Closes Its Doors

    That sucks, since The Pre-Sequel is easily my favorite in the Borderlands series since it fixes a lot of the problems of 2. And they knocked Claptastic Voyage out of the park, easily my favorite DLC now.
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    Google Planning New Ad-Free YouTube Subscription Service

    Neat. While I have adblock installed, it's only on for a couple of sites that have ads that crash my browser. I'll probably end up getting it, just like how I have a Twitch Turbo account since I use both a ton and might as well chip in to help pay for bandwidth. They've gotta go through a...
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    YouTuber Angry Joe Says He's Done Reviewing Nintendo Games

    I'd assume it's because they have Polaris backing them handling all the legal paperwork to make sure everything's kosher.
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    Titanfall's Season Pass is Now Completely Free!

    Better question, will the maps from the DLC be rolled into the normal playlists or will they still be segregated out into their own?
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    Feed Dump: Library Pee Sale

    I'm pretty sure both Ian and The Beej are. I have faint memories of them singing sentai songs together on one of the streams.
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    What if League of Legends Was Released in The 90s?

    You'd be surprised. Used to play eight-player games of Warcraft 2 over dial-up, and it was totally playable. Granted, they optimized netcode better back in the day...
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    The Lost Vikings Join The Heroes of The Storm

    Or, y'know, when they straight-up said they were working on them at BlizzCon.
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    Borderlands 3 Abandons Last-Gen Consoles

    ...But they're still putting it out on the PS4 and XBOne. That's still the "inferior technology."
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    Valve Has Paid Out $50 Million to Community Content Creators

    Now if only the TF2 map workshop would actually open up. It's been over a year since the last community-made one was picked up.
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    The Talos Principle Comes Out of The Myst and Through a Portal

    After mulling it over, I think I actually like the setup for TTP better than Portal, since with Portal you're being pushed through a linear set of puzzles to keep the plot moving, while TTP lets you slow down and explore and work on things at your own pace, with plot happening after a certain...
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    Zero Punctuation: Top 5 Games of 2014

    Wolfenstein is technically a sequel to the previous couple of games. There's some characters that have shown up in previous ones, and events have been referenced. And it's so bloody good.
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    Valve Changes The Steam Controller Again

    The iBuyPower ones are out as well. SBX. [] Although you can save a bunch of money and buy it without a OS installed if you're just going to put SteamOS on it. Still plan on buying one as my next console.