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    Adorable 3 Year-Old Experiences Harsh Justice in Skyrim

    You may have a point if the child was alone with the game. Fortunately, she was not, and it is clear that the father was not only supervising but went on to clarify with the child her experiences afterwards. This is what people mean when they talk about good parenting. It's not about...
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    Jimquisition: National Kirby Day

    Jim, I will never sleep soundly again.
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    Microsoft Sued Over Xbox Live Double-Billing

    This is not entirely correct, and needs explanation: (Emphasis mine.) He only gave authorization to use a specific payment method. This payment method is not tied to any sort of account beyond the "billing account" established in the Terms of Use. If Microsoft has a defense, it probably...
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    Tennessee Outlaws Transmission Of Emotionally Distressing Images

    I found someone who is distressed by clowns. Where do we line up to sue?
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    Security Analyst Explains Why We Love Lulzsec

    The problem with LulzSec is that they act very close to the most destructive way possible. Embarrassing companies is one thing, but doing so by dumping all over their customers and everyone who happens to be close by is another. You don't point out security holes in an apartment complex by...
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    Zero Punctuation: Brink

    One thing that I see overlooked (and this review is no exception) is that there's actually two class systems to Brink - the "class" and the "body type". The body type determines health, weapon types, and maneuverability whereas the class determines how you interact with your teammates, enemies...
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    Jimquisition: Defending Call of Duty

    Yeah, there was a lot about CoD4 that I really liked, but I haven't bought a CoD game after that because I decided to try my best to avoid giving Activision any of my money. I don't think I'm poorer for the decision. Word on the street is that they're degrading in quality anyway, but I have...
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    GOG Denies New Policy Circumvents Australian Censorship of Witcher 2

    For what it's worth, it's super easy to fool IP-based geolocation. It's incredibly unreliable.
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    Outland Review

    The problem I have with Outland is that the aesthetics make it very difficult to determine what is and what isn't a hazard, and where the guy is. Once, I stepped on a switch and the momentum kept me going, and the camera went to show what the switch did. Then, it panned back and I couldn't...
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    Activision Hopes PSN Problems Won't Delay Black Ops DLC Launch

    I withdraw my comment upon further review.
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    DLC, Again

    But then buying a candy bar for $1 or a pack of peanuts for $0.50 are not a microtransactions while spending $5-15 on virtual stuffs is?
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    Activision Hate Understandable, But Unfair, Says Social Media Guru

    This guy is dismissing the complaints out of hand. He says nothing of the terrible and destructive relationship it maintains with its studios and the franchises it controls. These reactions are not "knee-jerk".
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    303: How Games Get Zombies Wrong

    I am reminded of the church event in Left 4 Dead's Death Toll campaign, where another "survivor" makes trouble for the group by calling the zombie hordes.
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    303: Glitching the Tank

    That's not a bug. Meleeing someone who is grabbed by a smoker releases them.
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    How to Read Movie Criticism

    An important bit is missing from that quotation: because. If it continues, "because I've seen a lot of pictures in my life" then no, that does not stand. If it continues, "because the corner here is way too bright and it distractingly draws the eye from the action in the center" then that is...